Understanding Islam

Before 9/11 I knew very little about Islam. After 9/11 I made it a point to find out what makes a Muslim. I read a fair bit of information on the web. While I was acting as a staff member for an unnamed chat program, I sometimes used my spare time to voice chat to Muslim people about how Islam works.

Keeping it under 'Control'

I have one or two (possibly more) Muslim friends as a result of that chat program. But no matter how open these people were to discussing Islam with me, (and I sometimes asked questions that I knew would be hard for them to answer.) Not one of them was able to give me proper logical answers to most of my questions about Islam. It all comes back to doctrine for the Muslims. Only the Clerics are able to ‘interpret’ the readings. To even question Islam is taboo for normal Muslims.

Even the moderate (almost non practising) Muslims still became extremely defensive when trying to justify the laws of their religion. Now some of the people I spoke to were professional people who worked with modern computer equipment etc.. They fully partaking in the modern worlds inventions in all other respects except for religion being the divider between us. One admitted to having the very occasional drink of alcohol. But even he defended Islam with such fervour. That when he found himself not able to sufficiently justify his religion. He agitatedly suggested I read certain websites that may explain it better to me. I received a similar response from most Muslims I spoke to.

Women are just not treated as equals under Islam.


This has serious implications for westerners who have such ideals as “all people being created equal” (Race/Creed/Colour/Sex?) The obvious question is that if your own Women are not equal, then what status is a Man from another country? Doesn’t this system seem to invite Human Rights violations by it’s very nature?

They place their religion first. Their country second?

The way I see it. The Muslim way of looking at the world is always firstly, “as a Muslim”.

I do not know to what extent this religious fervour will go in a moderate Muslim. For example: Would a moderate Muslim (what is a moderate??) honour the laws of their ‘adopted’ country above their religion? I don’t think so.. That worries me because there are a lot of Muslims in our Australian society. If the extremist part of the religion is able to gain sufficient sympathy from the moderates in this religion. Then Howard may have bitten off a lot more than he can possibly chew. (Good time to bow out.. Let the next guy have the problem..)

How big is the problem?

Unfortunately, I can’t help thinking that, the law of averages says their will be a percentage of Muslims with extremist ideals as part of that overall Australian Muslim population. I just wonder what extent those groups would or could go to in this country.

Foolish Political meddling

The stupid thing is.. I don’t think we had to worry about Muslim extremists in this country prior to John Howard participating in the “War of the Willing”

But now.. I fear we do.. We have closely aligned ourselves politically with the US and Britain in our response to a “War on Terror”. The question remains.. Why did Howard do it? Was it all just to stay in power? Howard knew that the war was very unpopular with voters. Maybe “Honest John” realises that with Global Warming and a US government in huge debt. Being Australian Prime Minister may not be such a good job soon. If you can believe the incoming governments. They always inherit huge depts from their outgoing counterparts. (We shall see..)

What's all this religious frenzy about anyway?

As far as all this religion stuff goes. I personally don’t have much of a religious fervour. I was raised in a Christian society and given Christian ideals, So I guess I have a Christian bias.. (But I’m working on it..) I tend to believe that if God exists. It’s beyond what I could understand. So therefore I will try and live in a civilised manner. Distributing fate where I see fit. Participating my dribble at the appropriate moments. (But not too much - like those top posters.. <GRIN> I don’t want to leave a treasure trail of data/ranting/swearing behind me.)

As for as the Iraq and Afghanistan people being able to choose to return to their preferred religious based form of government.

In my opinion, that is a foregone conclusion.

I can see the Muslim Clerics trying to impose a more restrictive religious form of government. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharia) Which in my opinion will happen.. Over time..

Good old Uncle Sam?

So.. I think I see a pattern..Don’t you see the pattern? The US doesn’t like the way a leader or a government of a country is acting. So the US destabilises the country. The US changes the leadership or government of the country. The new leader or government of that country is pro US for a time. (The US make sure of that..) Then eventually (over time) the circle repeats.

I think we may have seen enough data at this point in history to conclude that the US will meddle in ANY other country on the whim of whatever president happens to be power.


If I were an American citizen I would be demanding amendments to their constitution (or whatever it takes) to limit the power of the president after seeing how it can/has been abused.

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