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I’d like to talk today about honesty. Honesty between people that chat online specifically. Now I have never said I was an Astronaut, or anthing that I am not. But some people misrepresent themselves as such.

What harm is it to play a part and create an “online personality”? Well maybe no harm. If people know your a joker. But the people who dont know that your just a joker are being deceived.

If your online “playing a part” consider warning people occasionally. Because too many people around the world have their hearts broken when reality sets in.

I’m not talking about the married acting single. Sad as it is. This will continue as long as people get married.

I’m talking about not being honest about yourself.

We are all human. None of us are perfect. If people would just “be themselves” online then they would attract people who honestly like them for themselves.

Not like them for their fantasy creation. Trying to maintain lies is just too much trouble. Why not just be yourself?

Sure it can be difficult being in a room when your on low income and the conversation turns to how much tax you pay or If everyone is talking about how fast their new computer is and your PC was used for Noah’s database.

Just make a coffee or go to the toilet. The conversation will change in time. But never LIE to fit in.

Bottom line. Treat people the way that you want to be treated.

Here I am exposing the flaws of others. Do I want others to expose my flaws? (Probably Not..)

But on this particular issue. I tell you I am on the moral high ground. So put up with it. It is my WIKI/Blog/journal thingy after all.

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