Edited 20-07-2009: Note: The following URL’s are mostly broken.

Moving House

Having to turn off my servers is stressing me out. Once I loose dsl I will no longer be able to host my own websites. This is my internet presence that is being shutdown here. This is everything I have been working on since 2003. Maybe no one bothered to look at it. But I had the power to put anything online that I wanted with my own servers. If I wanted to experiment with some code. I had my own server fully setup to deliver what you would pay hundreds of dollars a month to a hosting company for. If i get the house in furner. It will all go offline. Because dialup is the only option in furner. you cant do anything on dialup. It all works. Just too slow to use. Google would give up trying to spider the site because of how slow it would be. So its a bit useless thinking about dialup. Except it will be my only option soon. But the kids want to go to Kangoo Inn.. sigh So.. Furner it is… And dialup it is..

CMS Systems

This is my phpBB forums CMS. I have placed it on its own domain name.


I have been looking at various chucks of code to see what I can do with them. This is FUSION CMS. Its a complete turn key system for anyone to setup. I downloaded various other modules and things to experiment with how to modify the code. etc etc

Adding extra functions and code that were required to expand the system.

http://lazerzap.zapto.org/fusion/ Edit: Link now broken

Email Server

I not only run my own webserver. I also run my own email server. So I can have unlimited email addresses for whatever I want to use them for.

I experimented once with an email system that was like hotmail. You could read and write your mail from a webpage. Thats an example of why I would need unlimited email addresses from my little experimental server..

The “front door” to my server is located here.. Most things can be found from it.



If you follow the link to LazerWEB from the “front door” you will find the website I made around 1999-2002. I won multiple awards for this website. As you can see if you follow the “Awards” link from LazerWEB’s main menu.


(WARNING: This site has midi music on most pages.. So turn it down or mute your sound card)

Latest Work

There is another link at the top of the “front door” It’s titled “Latest Work”.. This is where I play with php snippets. Cut and paste them into code and check the results. Stuff like that.. This page used to be my “front door”

http://lazerzap.zapto.org/cms/index.php Edit 2009: Link now broken

I have also setup various applications.

http://lazerzap.zapto.org/classifieds/ - Classifieds Edit 2009: Link now broken

http://lazerzap.zapto.org/dating/ - Personals Edit 2009: Link now broken

http://lazerzap.zapto.org/webhost/ - Web Hosting Edit 2009: Link now broken

http://lazerzap.zapto.org/google/ - Google Portal Edit 2009: Link now broken

http://lazerzap.zapto.org/phpproxy/ - Proxy Edit 2009: Link now broken

Backup Domains

Because my domain name provider may go offline.. I have backup domains that you can also use for the above addresses.

http://lazerzap.cjb.net/ Edit: Domain intermittantly available

http://lazerzap.ipupdater.com/ Edit 2009: Domain intermittantly available

http://lazerzap.dyndns.org/ Edit 2009: Domain intermittantly available

http://lazerzap.opendns.be/ Edit 2009: Domain intermittantly available

http://lazerzap.dyndns.dk/ Edit 2009: Domain intermittantly available


Most of the webpages I have created are visited by the google spider.



I used to tech basic (beginners all perpose symbolic instruction code) programming many years ago. So I created a couple of programs in VB (Visual Basic) - Unfortunetely they are mostly dated now. The application they supported has changed..

http://lazerzap.zapto.org/imdbs/imdbs.html Edit 2009: Link now broken

http://lazerzap.zapto.org/palassist/palassist.html Edit 2009: Link now broken

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