House Hunting

Weekend was nice and peaceful. (So far..)

Kids are at their mums. I’m sitting here wtiting this at 8.24am on Sunday 25th August 2007. I know in a few hours I will call the kids on the phone. Break the bad news that the house in Furner just isn’t gonna happen. Looks like we will have to move to Millicent. Due sadly to the fact that I just couldn’t locate a rental in this area in the timeframe allowed. I suspect changes in the Single Parenting Payement make single parents more of a rent risk in the eyes of the Landlords. Rightfully so I guess.

I hope the kids dont take the news too badly.

I must admit that i have put off calling them all weekend. In the hope that someone would ring and change the outcome. But I still have to hear back from “My real estate agent” to find out if one last long shot will work. If not then it’s back to Millicent to live for us.

Work! Work! Work!

I edited the frontdoor (/index.php) to the webserver today. I added the “Previous Front Door” Scrolling Box. Changed the content for the Scroller.. etc.. Changed the “Latest Work” link to point at this WIKI.

I spent a bit of time in PCTech on PalTalk..

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