Dan didn’t go to school today. Sarah was annoyed. She said he was faking it. But he wasn’t. As luck would have it. I had a Doctors appointment booked for today at 11.30am. Dan looked lousy. He woke up last night with a headache. I told him to take 2 panadols and go back to bed. So he did. He hasn’t been real well the last week. His cough has got worse in the last couple of days. Dan had also bashed his knee a few weeks ago. He’d been complaining about it pretty well ever since.


I was hoping it was just a kid knocking themselves around thing that would fix itself by itself. But I mentioned it to the Doctor. Just in case it was more serious. The Doctor took it seriously (good to see..) Now we need to get some x-rays done on Dans knee and hip. Just to be sure that he hasn’t really hurt himself. But he walks/runs around without mentioning it mostly. So I dont think it’s too painful.

Found a Good Doctor?

I managed to get another Doctors appointment for myself at 2.15pm in the afternoon. The normal Beachport Doctor is away for training at the moment. So I guess the locals don’t like to try something new. Well… it’s their loss. Because this Doctor is highly professional with a really good attitude towards his patients overall health. He won me over. (In fact I prefer him to the normal Doctor)


I mentioned my high anxiety over the ‘Claytons Housemove’. (The housemove your having when your not having a housemove.) I honestly think that giving me 3 months to sweat over the move made it worse. I been living the ‘Claytons Housemove’ for 3 #@$&ing months.. Grrr. Stress.. I gave some blood for testng. (Some High Stress blood for A1 Centerlink octave rating - Not for Export - Product of the Neo Liberal Pseudo Fascist Democracy in Australia) Because I may have a slow Thyroid Gland. So I’m told..

Noisy Cat

Did the dishes while yelling at the cat to “SHUTUP!!”. I wonder if the cat will ever actually shutup? I think it just mouths off to annoy me. That cat will get the chop soon. (That’s almost a comforting thought..) At that point (or soon after) It will become an outside cat.. (The Gospel according to [[Lazerzap?]]) I will not suffer this cat damaging the new house.

Devious Cat

I got a funny feeling that once this cat gets the smell of the wild in its nostrils it just wont come back. Sigh Bloody cat.. Somehow the image of a nice quiet cat sitting alongside me purring just vanished into this devious SOB. If I pat this cat for too long. (In its opinion..) It will take a swipe at ya. Or bite your hand. It’s not gentle either. You gotta watch it. But it “IS” devious. Because it will give no sign that it’s about to turn on you. Bloody cat!! It has become a love/hate relationship. It loves to be devious and annoying and I hate it.

Cooked Dinner. Lamb Chops, Mash, Pea’s

Paltalk PCTech

So after all that I went onto PalTalk PCTech room. After about 30 mins or so. One of the @Admins left the room. Next thing I know. The rooms has been set to “No Voice”. Everyone copped a red dot. After 15 mins or so..

I dont know if it’s “Policy” to dot the room when the last active @Admin leaves.. But I think its a crummy idea.

Criminal Cat

I went out to the kitchen to make a coffee.. The cat has been into the garbage. Bloody cat!! There is fresh food in it’s bowl. The cat has chosen it’s destiny again. The cat will reside in the laundry tonight… Again.. Stupid cat..

Coffee Withdrawal Symptom

Cleaning up the kitchen floor. (Putting the garbage out) Wiping up some persistant ants that seem to enjoy invading my kitchen. Telling off the cat. I forgot to make myself a coffee. I wonder what the record is for boiling the water in the jug without actually making the coffee?? Next time I go to the kitchen.. I WILL make that coffee..

Noisy Devious Criminal Cat in Jail

Ahh coffee.. The cat (with it’s short term memory) decided that it would be ok to sneak into the loungeroom now.. Thru the closed but not locked hallway door. I informed the cat, after a short chase, that I hadn’t forgiven the garbage invasion yet… So the cat remains a captive in the laundry. I relent too easily.. If it get too cold tonight.. I will probably let it in.. sigh Bloody cat.. I think it’s training me. I know my efforts have been wasted on it. :( So it must be up to something… ;)

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