Dan home sick again. Has a fever today. He basically dozed and watched TV. Panadols every 4 hours and a cool shower to keep the temperature down. Sarah is now starting to complain about pains in her neck. So I think in the next few days she will probably come down with it. Im coughing a little more than usual. I can feel the aches coming on in my chest. I just hope it doesn’t stuff us up for too long.


I get mental when things go wrong. My tolerance for BS just goes out the window.


I called CentreLink today. Because it occured to me that single parents with sick kids shouldn’t be required to maintain job seeker diarys.

They put me on hold and eventually passed to to someone who told me that exemptions are available for parents who have sick kids.

So now I have 2 images.. One of a person who rorts the system and keeps his/her kids home to get out of looking for a job. So now the kids miss school to enable the excuse.

The other image is of normal australians on single parent income. Of people being required to find income to supplement a government pension. The governments idea being that some people or a lot of people will find full employment from this. Ok.. Now most people want to be employed dont they? They may dislike the job itself. But life on the dole compared to working in a disliked job is no contest. Only a very small minority of people on the dole can acually afford to stay there.


The constant barrage of steadily increasing Electricy Bills, Petrol Charges, Rent, and basic commodities is rarely taken into consideration by the governemnt. Car Registration, Car breakdowns, Unexpected bills just drive nails into the coffin. Most people just can’t afford to live on the dole.


The dole, single parent payment, newstart, old age pension, sickness benefit, carer pension,, etc etc.. or whatever you want to call it only provides a short term solution for people without jobs.

So why do single parents put up with such low income? Many people have their own reasons. Most of them are individual and personal. However just being there to provide support for your child when needed. To be able to save your kid some heartache. To be a listening ear when they have troubles. To try and make a well rounded member of society. Thats more important to me than driving the latest car. Or a trip overseas.

Being able to do both is a dream most of us never achieve.

Given the choice.. What would you do? you can be rich and successful but have no time for your kids.. Or You can be broke and have all the time for your kids. What would you choose? Now go ask your kids..

Those of us unfortunate enough to have lived under the governments umbrella long term have severe poverty, and poor health issues. (To name 2 of them)

The government dont allow anything like a “minimum weekly wage” for people who need to access these services. People on these services currently receive around $400 a fortnight. They actually acknowledge the need in the community for supplementing the income provided by government support. By allowing extra income to be earned to a certain ceiling without imposing a financial penalty. (good on em..)


But now they fiddle with the social security system to impliment changes so that all people in receipt of benefits are required to find at least “part time employement” They fail to take into consideration ‘individual circumstances’ of the people that they deal with.

Some long term single parents may not be mentally or physically able to enter the workforce. For some, many years on low income has it’s social, economic, and mental impact. People in Rural area’s have the added disadvantage of a lack of public transport and just a lot less jobs to go for. Yet they are governed by the same unfair legislation. No special consideration has been provided by the politicians for these people.

They make single parents find employement. The new laws say that if your child is older than 7 years of age. You must find some supplemental income. So your kid is in Grade 1 at primary school? Great.. Get a job. Your “job” as carer for the kids is over.

If you get a job that requires you to be home late. Then you need a child minding service. Because of the new governemnt IR laws. I can be asked to work longer and longer. As a single parent I want to work less hours than most people. I have a lot more to organise than single people. Likewise I have more to organise than a couple with children. This takes more time.

If I can convince the kids to help around the house. It isn’t too difficult. But If I can’t get them to help. I need the time I currently have to clean up the joint. (My kids are slack.. I need the time..) But it seems the government won’t allow you to look after your own children anymore. You must use a child minding service and get a job.

I don’t understand how that helps my family? I don’t understand how I can help to shape a good citizen when someone else is raising my children while I work. This places financial dependance on a new level to me.

If the school rings me and tells me my Son or Daughter is ill. I get in my car and run down to the school and grab em.

How do I do this when I’m now employed? Does my Son or Daughter just sit in the hallway on a chair because the School has an insufficient sick bay? So what attitude does this create in my children? They already know the system cares for them so little as to fail to provide adaquate sick bay provisions in schools.

Next time the school rings to say the kids need to come home. I could be anywhere doing almost anything thanks to the current system. The children are learning quickly that the government doesn’t care for them.

I wasn’t aware of this until I was in my 20’s.. This government has created/is creating a monster that may eventually grow into the very thing that these power brokers hate with an insane jealosy. Opposition to the System.

I have to say this here. I dislike John Howard and what he stands for in my eyes. I watched Howard completely change the way Australians view themselves. Honestly I see Howard on TV and I can’t believe what a weasel we have as a Prime Minister. I just get this sick feeling in my stomache when I see him. Basically he gives me a guts ache. Under Howard Australians have gone from a careing lucky country that I grew up in. With a fair Social Security, Health, and Education system. To a country with a mean narrow minded attitude towards Social Security, Health, and Education. That only cares for interest rates, tax cuts, terrorism, and budget surplus.


Law and Order, The Courts, and all Government in this country were built on the foundations of a corrupt imperial power. There is no “will” in Government for a “fair” system toward the people. So people one by one rebel. Cause and Effect.. There have been many “Ned Kelly’s” in our country that have rebelled and continue to rebel against ongoing governments corruptions.

People will continue to fight for what is fair. Mostly people just want to be happy. A decent wage in decent working conditions is all people really want. If that was a reality there would be no need to rebel. But the governemnt says “Its too hard on the small businessman to make them comply with all these rules and regulations.” So we will replace the system with one that makes it much easier on the employer.


Unfortunately it makes it much harder on the normal working people. But the government want the business to stay and play. Because “How will you get paid?” or “How will you eat?” If the company leaves? The Government cant pay everyone the dole. So they allow themselves to be blackmailed into playing ball with the corporations. The people are the loosers.. The corporations just post a bigger profit so that some fat cat at the top gets $10 Million in bonus this year. Am I supposed to applaud? I am sickened at their greed while everyone else struggles.


Look at your history. I almost dont care what country you look at. Or what government. Or time period. The people have always been the dumb unwashed masses. The Rich have always controlled the poor. The Rich have always just done what they want to the poor. French Revolution opened a few eyes to the concept of toppling an unjust and unpopular corrupt system by the masses. But what happens then? Anarchy for a few years till things get under control again. Control means Corrupt..

Be it a dictator or a republic or monachy or democracy.. It all ends up corrupt.

Because people are human. Some will abuse the system if there is little or no chance of being caught.


So how do we get rid of corruption?

Possibly we could put it all online. All government transactions. All tenders. The court system. All online. Total transparency. But people will learn to respect the law again. The privacy people will be up in arms. There may need to be Repeal all politically motivated revenue raising laws. Provide a clean slate for a new fair system.

Give society back its morals. Stop hiding the theives.

Put Health and Education back on the agenda and make them priority one.

Funny… I just re-read this.. I sat down to just tell what happened today and ended up making another political statement.. Ah Well..

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