Quality of Service

I been wandering and listening around the net for a few years now. All over the place I find people who all discuss similar complaints. What I’m going to talk about today is the quality of service that you receive from people on the net.

When you sign up for a service on the net. The money is taken monthly. Your now a “member” or “subscriber” of whatever service you have chosen. As a “member” your normally granted extra features that free users may not have access to. Those features may include some of the following.

Access to Customer Service, No Banner Advertisements, Extra Capabilities, etc

Poor Record

Customer Service is my issue. No matter where you go or what you sign up for mostly the customer service is lacking. It is a rare Internet service that could boast of a good customer service record. No matter where you go on the net. You will find people who have gone to a lot of trouble and sometimes expense at pointing out the deficiencies of certain high profile Internet companies.

Sometimes in Forums, mostly in Blogs, and occasionally on websites dedicated to the subject.


Lets try a little experiment. I will provide 2 links here. One for People who have had [[Good_Customer_Service?]]. One for those who get [[Bad_Customer_Service?]]. Click whatever link or not and add your comments. Promote the strong and demote the weak.

I think a high percentage of these complaints could have been avoided had the company concerned maintained an adaquate customer service unit. Too many of these so called ‘companies’ have a ‘fly by night’ mentality.

Fund Customer Service Correctly

If you are making a profit from a service I think you MUST allow a percentage of that profit towards customer service. Or it becomes like an ISP who sells many thousands more contracts than he has the bandwidth to supply. If he doesnt scramble real fast to supply his customers. They get angry and go elsewhere telling all they meet not to do business with him. This is how I view customer service.


Sometimes there will be slack periods, sometimes there will be peak periods. You need to keep your customers satisfied with the level of support your customer service team can provide under peak periods. This creates a system where customer service is on edge mostly.

The owner(s) will not ‘waste’ profit to provide decent customer service under peak periods. They only budget for reasonable or less quality of service during normal periods.

As a result the customer service team may be operating at peak performance during normal periods. When there is a peak in demand. Customer service falls over. Unable to deal with the amount of enquiries due to insufficient staff. Which creates a backlog for the already overworked customer service unit. It just snowballs from there.

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