Quiet Day

Believe it or not.. I dont have anything to say today. We woke up and had a quiet one. Kids played RuneScape and we just stayed home. Sarah seems to be ok today. Dan still has a really bad cough. But he has had so much time off school. I will send him tomorrow.


I dont want the Government to cut my payments or stick me on Green Stamps because the kids have had too much time off school. They will do this too. They have a MAGIC FORMULA that they apply to determine if a parent is allowing their kids to stay home too much.

Cashless Household

If you do this and your on Government income. Expect them to make you a “Cashless” household. Where they provide rent certificates, Food Stamps, and I expect Utility certificates as well. All I can say is.. They better not try it on me. My kids only stay home when they are unwell. If they think I let them stay home too much then I suggest their MAGIC FORMULA is flawed.

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