Clovelly Farmhouse

There is a house up on the Penola/Robe road. Very close to the intersection of the Penola/Robe road and the Princess highway. The house is about 34klms to Robe, or 60klms to Millicent, or 70 klms to Kingston. Basically in the middle of nowhere.

Remote location

I have seen this house a few times before. Originally when the X and I had the shop at Greenways. I attended Clovelly one day to help a customer from Greenways with some computer issues he was having.

The next time was before I moved into this place. I’d heard that Clovelly was available. I went and looked at it properly this time. But the landlord turned out to be “not ready” to rent it.

Lucky to get it

Then recently I’d heard it was available again. So I went and looked at it again. But the landlord aparently had someone else for it. So I missed it. In desperation I contacted my real estate agent to ask them about another property the same landlord had.

Imagine my surprise to find out that the Landlord for Clovelly will allow us a 2 month trial in his house. Well that solves the problem of taking the kids out of Kangaroo Inn Area School. It saves me the expense of new school uniforms. But it means I will definately be on dialup again soon.

Same cost in rent

I notice that he has raised the rent for me too. 2 years ago i was told $110. Then recently I was advised that it would be $130. but now it’s $140. Ho Hum. It will be the same rent as what I pay here.

But without the benefit of close local shops. Without the benefit of town water. There is only rain water and bore water at Clovelly. It’s almost twice the distance to Millicent. (Where we shop weekly) The new house is a BIG, COLD, old farmhouse. Slate tile flooring partially in the loungeroom, hallway, and kitchen. With open plan living so it will cost a fortune to keep it warm or cold.

Past glory faded

The house is quite lovely in some ways. But it’s past glory has faded with time. Basically It needs refurbishing externally. When I saw it 2 years ago it looked a lot better. Maybe I just had stars in my eyes the first time I saw “Clovelly”. what it is and my memory of it do not mesh well. Initially I remembered it as a mansion. But reality is that it is far less than a mansion.

It’s just a nice big old farmhouse. Internally the house is fine. But I think we will be spending most of our time in one bedroom. The loungeroom will go unused. Because the house is too large to try and keep warm/cold. I am glad to keep the kids at the same school. But I dont like the way the landlord too advantage of my bad situation by raising the rent and only making it a 2 month trial.

The move is on

So the move is on. Things are finally happening. I contacted a man who will help me move today. He has a big trailer. So I will employ him to help me with the larger items. He estimates it will cost $200 to do the move.

Thats fine for him. But I know there will be many more tanks of gas/petrol being used as I shuttle from the Clovelly back to Beachport. My biggest concern is cleaning up this place once we move out.

Damage to pay for

I know there is “damage” that I will have to pay for. The cat destroyed the flooring in the kitchen. So I will have to pay for that. Apart from that. It will just be a cleanup I guess.

I will hire a carpet cleaner and do the carpets. Or I may just pay someone to come do it depending on their charges. I just hope the old landlord gives me a couple of days after the move to set things right. Or I will end up with a huge bill. So even if he says Sunday is my last day. I will sneak back into the old house and fix it up.

Going to be tough

I’m not paying some huge bill for something I can fix myself If I can avoid it. Problem is. He owns 2 flats only 2 doors down from this place. If he says Sunday is the last day. I could be in the poo. I have already had an extension until Sunday. I dont think they will like extending it futher. But. You can only do what you can do. Events have conspired against me until this point. Lets see what happens next.

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