Its gonna be a busy day today. I have to go into Millicent to get the details of the new house filled into a State Government form for the bond of the new house. There is no way I could afford this otherwise.

I then take that form to the relevant State Government office in Mt Gambier to be verified. I then take that verification back to the Millicent real estate office. That should take care of the bond.

I will fill out whatever paperwork is needed and pay the 2 weeks in advance on the new place. I need to pay rent and do shopping on Wednesday like normal. But this trip to Mt Gambier wont be cheap in the Customline. So I will probably do the shopping and pay 1 weeks rent on this place at the same time. That will save me going back in on Wednesday.


Oh Darn. I just remembered. The government have got me filling in Forms now. Like on a NEWSTART payment. Same BS rules too. If Im late putting in their form. I can get cut off. Damn Govt.

I better check the date I’m supposed to put it in. Alarm bells going off. Found it. Yes Im in trouble. It was supposed to be lodged on the 3rd. Yesterday. I will try and fix it when I wake up,

I told the kids that they must wake me before they go to school. Its 1.14am now. I will go to the post office at 9am in the morning and get this pseudo NEWSTART form lodged. Then its off to get the bond done.

I must ring up and organise Daniels X-rays today too.

So I will update this page when I have more to tell.

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