I have a few issues today. Lets take them in order of annoyance.

Partial Power Outage in South Australian Data Centre

8.30pm last night, the Kids and I were on the net. When splat! No Internet. Well this isn’t the first time I have lost the net. Occasionally the net will drop for a few mins here or there. But after 15mins of no success i decided to call my ISP.

So I waited.. and waited.. and waited.. after 45 mins on hold. I get thru to my ISP to find out that . “There has been a partial power outage in ‘our’ South Australian Data Center. Which has caused several ‘key devices’ to become unreachable.”

As a result all internet has been knocked out in South Australia. As have some telephone lines. This has effected all ISP’s in South Australia. Obviously the Data Center was a “Telstra” installation. With no estimate available to determine the effected timeframe. I went to bed annoyed at not being able to re-enable my servers.

At 7.00am I woke up. Imediately I enabled the DSL connection and jumped on the phone to my poor ISP. To find out how long the net had been off for. My ISP reported to me that the net had become available again at 6.30am. So for 10 hours, from 8.30pm Tuesday evening until 6.30am Wednesday morning people in South Australia were without service.

Peoples Lives put at Risk?

Since some telephones were effected, people’s lives were put at risk. Communications are an ESSENTIAL service in 2007. Especially for those of us who live remote from the cities. “Partial Power Outages” that effect thousands of people should not be permitted to happen.

Haven’t they ever heard of a UPS. No honestly. This is un-acceptable in 2007. Telstra post a huge profit. They are the only ones who provide infastructure across this country.

When Telstra was taxpayer funded they wouldn’t have hesitated to allocate money to protect this essential area from interuptions. But now that Telstra are no longer owned by the taxpayers of this country. They cut corners to post huge profits. This is just one example of it.

ETSA says no power outage in Adelaide

Just for the heck of it. I called ETSA to ask how long the power outage was for. They didn’t know what I was talking about. It has been a quiet night in Adelaide. Hmmm When I explained to the ETSA staffmember what had occured they double checked the information and again reported that there had been no faults recorded.


So I called the Ombudsman. If you contact the Telecommunications Ombudsman don’t be fooled for one second into thinking that this is an “Independent” organisation. This is an example of Self Regulation. Their Ombudsman will solve your minor issues.

But don’t take a major one like this to them. Because they just dont want to know. I highlighted to the “Telecommunications Ombudsman” that this was a Telstra issue. But he insisted that if I wish to follow this up.. (and I do) that I contact my ISP and lodge the complaint.

Umm.. I just lodged the complaint against Telstra to the Ombudsman and he wants me to contact Iinet?? I don’t understand. Shouldn’t the Ombudsman just take the complaint?

Yes.. They have a protocol that must be followed. Even if it wastes time. This is what is refered to as RED TAPE.

Think about it. Telstra is the BIGGEST ISP etc etc in Australia. This independent Ombudsman would be funded by each of the ISP’s according to their ‘load’ that they place on the Ombudsman. So Telstra would be the largest contributer.

See.. The problem is the fact that the Telecommunications Ombudsman‘s dept is completely funded by the ISP’s themselves. Thats why they call it “Self Regulating” Ok? Understand? That’s Right..


We need a real independant “SuperOmbudsman”. One that has X-ray vision and the ability to fix broken things on the fly. I contacted the real Governing Body. They are out to lunch. Like most Government departments in Howards Government they aren’t manning the phones and they are not returning calls.

Howard will be Gone!

Howard WILL be voted out. The question is. Will the ALP allow the general non-careing, harsh attitude to remain, in the various Government departments? I wish I had a crystal ball on that one.

Rudd better fix it!

If Rudd allows the system to remain the same. Then he is no better than Howard. There is nothing to be gained by having Departments that do not function due to insufficient funding. Howard was the expert at stripping funds from Departments so that their function could not be performed. Legal Aid comes to mind… Which leads me into my second item for today.


Since Howard’s latest tightening of the Social Security system. Single parents now recieve ‘dole’ forms that MUST be returned on a certain date. Just like a Newstart form. If you miss that ‘date’ then your payment gets delayed.

OK? Good? Did I hear you say? Hmmmm.. What about legitimate situations where people get delayed? Or just confused about the day? What about if you remember all fortnight and then forget at the end and miss it by 2 days?

Well. You get cut off. Instantly. You will not get your money. They will not ‘tell’ you. I was told that I had “missed” their phone call. So they hold back payment. But I have Kids?

So you say .. You should be responsible enough to make sure you DONT forget to put the form in. I agree.. But we are not all perfect. The weeks go past and mistakes can and do happen.

This is only the second time I was supposed to put a form in. This is a new system afterall. Previously the money just turned up in my account. CentreLink always kept in contact.


Should CentreLink hold back payment from parents who they know have kids over a form being late? I had been ‘in contact’ all week over CentreLink wanting me to participate in their ‘interviews’. They were aware that I am moving house under high stress with no known destination at that time. Is it fair to hold back payment under those circumstances? 2 kids? Moving House? No Destination? No Money? Hmmm All this just adds up to JOHN WINSTON HOWARD, Australian PM (Prime Mangler).

CentreLink from time to time require a review to be completed. They also regularly require copies of my rent certificates threatening my rent relief if I dont comply.

Basically, to the unemployed, CentreLink is a BIG NASTY GOVERNMENT ENTITY that threatens your very existance if you can’t fit into the narrow range of holes that they provide.

Remembering the Past

Now I remember the old Social Security. They used to treat people as individuals. They acted more as social workers. The found solutions for people in hardship. After an interview at Social Security you would be refered to the CES (Commonwealth Employement Service)

They WOULD give you a job. If you didn’t take it. You knew the outcome. Social Security wouldn’t put you back in the system for 6 weeks. The system worked well. It was compassionate for those in need.

It actually helped people who really needed it. But at the same time it directed those able to work toward employement through the CES. Nowadays thanks to Mr Howard we have Centerlink. No CES. No Social Security.. (Literally)

The once proud legitimate organisations who found employement for “Professionals” are all psuedo mini CES offices. No longer the stamping ground of the professional.

Totally reliant on the dwindling available revenue they are able to squeeze from the remaining unemployed actually able to work. What about the aid organisations who have also been lured into acting in the same capacity by Government Job Network funding.

The religious organisations I am discussing here. Didn’t they turn their backs on the plight of those caught up in a system that they couldnt fit for some Government income? So exactly who champions for the Unemployed?

Being Unemployed

The Unemployed want jobs. As soon as you get a job. Your no longer unemployed and therefore you dont care about the unemployed anymore. So being unemployed is temporary. The problem is temporary. But for some in our community unemployment can become a long term issue.

I would dare say the the longer a person is unemployed the more effected they become by the process. Financially, Physically, Mentally they slowly become more effected.


The solution is obvious. Don’t allow this to happen. Find out what is wrong and help to fix it. This is the real solution for people.

Productivity would increase overall in a socially balanced system. Because people would be happier overall. Bring back Social Security and the CES. Let the Religions go back to attracting patrons by their good works. Let the professionals return to the professional employement agencies.

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