Barbara (X) stayed here last night. She is helping me clean up Beachport.

The Millicent lawnmower man ‘Robin’ helped me move the big stuff. He had a 1974 351 Ford LTD and a big trailer. We did three loads. Started at Midday and finished at 8.30pm. He charged me $200. I consider that a bargain. We worked hard at both ends. But I made it easier on him at the dropoff end. We literally just dumped it all in the doorways. I will have to move the stuff around later.

Sold my Kawasaki GPZ900r motorcycle today for $1600 to a guy known as ‘Tank’. I dont want to talk about it. It cost me $3400. Saved me from moving it. Gives me cash I didn’t have. Plus I think this move is gonna cost a lot more than I anticipated.

Last load with the ‘lawnmower man’ house was dark. Still no power. I had to start my car and point the headlights at the house. Just so we could see.

Five trips between Beachport and Clovelly for me today. I was stuffed.

I bought lunch and dinner. Filled up after each trip at Beachport. I couldn’t believe how fast the car was using fuel towing a trailer. :( All bad..

Thank Goodness I sold the motorcycle. otherwise I wouldn’t have had enough cash to do this move. I had underestimated how many tanks of fuel I would consume just today alone. At this stage there is a lot more to do.

Last trip we dropped stuff off at Clovelly and continued to the X’s place. We stayed at the X’s place due to Clovelly having no power still. Kids had their own beds. I crashed on the lounge.

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