I woke up at Greenways on Barbara (X)‘s lounge at 8.30am. Made myself a cup of coffee. I was amazed that I felt so good. Considering how bad I’d felt the night before. Had a cigarette. I thought about waking up the kids and getting rolling. I thought to myself how difficult it would be to get them moving. So I decided to do a ‘load’ before everyone woke up. The last trip from Beachport I’d driven the Customline. I had got a lift back to Beachport with ‘The Lawnmower Man’ the night before.

So I went back to Clovelly. Dropped off the Customline. Unloaded the 92 Ford and trailer. Drove to Beachport in the 92 Ford with the trailer and got a load. While I was at Beachport I called the Agent to ask about the electricity connection at Clovelly. He said he would ring the owner and get back to me. Which he did. He told me that there was a ‘switch’ in the same little room as the hot water service.

I also told the Agent that it was gonna be Wednesday before I could hand back the keys. Because I am gonna need the next couple of days to clean up. He agreed after I said I would pay another weeks rent if needed. (Dang.. another $140 down the drain..)

So loaded the 92 Ford and trailer. Bought some goodies for the kids from Beachport and headed for Clovelly again. Unloaded at Clovelly. Went to Greenways to get the Kids. Waiting while they woke up. Told them I’d done a load. Kids knew the car had changed from the Customline to the 92 Ford. lol They were surprised to hear I’d unloaded the 92 Ford and trailer back at Clovelly and got another complete car and trailer load from Beachport while they were asleep.

So we went to Beachport for a load. Today is supposed to be my last official day at Beachport. I knew I had to work hard today. Barbara (X) said she would cleanup. So I just loaded and took stuff.

Barbara (X) informs me that she has left the tap running from the bore into the tank by mistake. She tries to call neighbours but there is no option. I will have to run back to Greenways and turn off the tap. So I do. I went alone empty and fast. I was in a hurry. it was overflowing when I got there. Dunno how long for. :( On the first load back to Clovelly we checked for this power ‘switch’ in the little room.

There was… It Worked!!.. So we had power all along.. Dang it..

I think I did 4 or 5 loads today.

But at least we have power. I knew I needed a Gas Bottle as well for Clovelly. So I went into Millicent on the last run and got a large gas bottle. ($92)

While in Millicent I decided to “FILL” the car. Petrol, Gas, and Emergency Petrol Can (20 Litres). It cost me $124. I was unimpressed. I’d just spent another $200+ in one visit to Millicent. All I had to show for it was a full tank of petrol. (and not for long..) As well as a Gas Cylinder. (that sits out of sight and out of mind, alongside the water tank) I just shrugged and secretly thanked my parents inheritance for providing me with the financial means (via a motorcycle sale) to cope with the unforseen financial burdens I was discovering.

As these little finacial emergencies arise. I find that I have previously sold off items to pay bills. I’m now down to one major item left to sell. Everything else I aquired from my inheritance has either been squandered long ago or in more recent times, sold to pay bills.

I took the Barbara (X) home.

Kids and I setup our beds. I was so tired and sore. I was past caring.

The $500 deposit that I had received on the Motorcycle was fast running out.

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