Last day at Beachport. Mad scramble to get out on time. My left knee been sore last couple of days. I guess Im not used to all this physical activity. Really hurts to bend down on it. Problem is with all this cleaning and moving going on. I have no option but to bend down on it. Glad today is the last day of this. I dont think I could take another day.

When the kids got home from School. We went to Millicent to do some laundry. My X borrowed my washing machine 12 months ago and Beachport had a machine included in the rental, So I hadn’t needed to use a laundromat in awhile. Basicaly I wanted to launder the bedding that ‘belongs’ to the house in Beachport.

We initially were going to have a Pub ‘Counter Meal’ but the Pub wasn’t serving meals that night. So we ended up with ‘Fish and Chips’. We ate it in the laundromat watching the machines spin. After a few minutes the machines all stopped. I thought that wasnt right. So I went and called the owner on a public phone that was a block or so up the main street. He come down pressed a reset button, mopped the floor, and left. We took the clean washing back to Beachport and left it in the house.

Kids went to bed almost immediately. It was that late by the time we got home.

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