Filling in the Blanks

Welcome back me… Yer.. Im back.. I havent been maintaining the blog for awhile due to the move. I will go back and fill in some blank blog entries… Where to start..

More Cleaning

I went to the old house in Beachport today. Cleaned up the Fridge, Moved some damaged beds from the garage to the house. (Looks like I have to buy a King Sized matress and two singles to replaced the ones that were damaged while in storage..) Cleaned the cupboards. Repositioned the items that I had stored in the hallway cupboard for the last two years back into the kitchen cupboards. Wiped down the benches.. (again).. Mopped the kitchen floor.. (again).

Can't make everyone happy

The Agent seems unhappy with me. Sigh I know I need to pay for the carpets to be cleaned and replace the lino in the kitchen. I was expecting that. But now it seems I will need to pay for a ‘cleanup’ (In other words.. ‘Not good enuf Jan’.. sigh) and 3 matresses.. (Double sigh) Dang.. The only reference I will get from Beachport is a bad reference.. I worked hard to fix it too.. Geez I wonder what that will all add up too? I CAN wait to get the bill… :(

I totally hate dialup

My Servers are on and off.. Basicaly I give up on dialup at 31.2kbps. But I’ve decided to leave the servers turned on unless I need the bandwidth.. LMAO.. At 31.2kbps.. They will pretty well always be turned off..

Changing Windows MTU settings for Dialup

Got voice to work ok on PalTalk. But it was a 3 day struggle. I had to change the network setup from DSL to Dialup. I tried various so called free programs to change the MTU for me. (MTU for dialup should be set to 576 BTW) Eventually I found Connection Booster. That fixed the network settings. What really nailed it was turning off compression and error correction on the modem. After I did that I was able to send a constant voice ‘stream’ to PalTalk without suffering too much packet loss. Received audio in the PalTalk rooms started working ok after the MTU settings were changed. So by combining both solutions I am again able to use the PalTalk rooms. :) But still at 31.2kbps sad :(

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