Quiet time

Didn’t do much today.. Kids both at school.

Cleaned up Clovelly.. etc etc

Bills! Bills! Bills!

When the kids got home from school. We went to Millicent to do the shopping for the week. Paid the $140 rent. Also paid $40 to real estate agent towards whatever the bill is gonna be at the old place in Beachport. Somehow there was $10 change from the lawn mowing charges at the old house at Beachport (I’d paid $70 to the agent for 2 cuts.. (One I owed..) It must have only cost $60?). Anyway the agent is holding $50 in the kitty for the old place in Beachport so far.

Dialup Totally Sux

Apart from that cooked dinner. Sit down and played Earth Empire for many hours. Thanks to dialup, When playing that game. I loose the internet. It kinda drops in and out from what I can see. So I will probably turn off PalTalk and other internet messengers in future when I’m playing it.

  • sob* I miss dsl..

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