I gotta have Coffee!!

I ran out of Milk today. Everyone know I live on Coffee. So of course I had to make an extra trip to Millicent. Just to get some milk. yep.

I like driving the Customline

I decided to take the Customline. The day was sunny. The wind was low.

When I was on my way home. Something broke in the rear of the car. I could hear a grinding banging noise as it rolled to a halt.

When I looked under it. The rear of the tailshaft or driveshaft was on the ground. I looked at it closely and saw the universal joint had come away from the differential. The uni joint cups were still firmly bolted in place. The uni joint had popped right out the side of the caps.

Got a lift home to Clovelly

I couldnt do anything except try and get home. I tried to hitch a lift. But after waiting what seemed an eternity in vain. I decided to attempt a lift from the nearest house. Luckily I was able to get a lift back to Clovelly.

Still can't have a coffee?

Once back at Clovelly I remembered the milk that was still under the seat of the Customline. So I had to return to the Customline in my 92 Ford and retreived the missing milk that caused all of this.

I dont have any insurance on the Customline. I started to worry about it being on the side of the road at I drive home.

So after returning home I made a phone call to my friend Jenny, who lives in Hatherleigh, to ask if I can leave the Customline at her place. Because the Customline had broken down not far from there. Next I call my friend Keith in Millicent to ask him to help me to get the Customline off the road the next morning.

So I will need to go into Millicent tomorrow morning to get Keith to help me get the Customline to Hatherleigh. Then I will have to take Keith back to Millicent.

Finally I will be able to return home. The Customline will have to stay in Hatherleigh until it is repaired.

This is getting expensive…

Where is my eyesight?

Then I realized that I had lost my glasses. After searching everywhere I decided that they MUST be in the Customline. I MUST have put them down on the seat when I got the milk.

  • damn*

Back (again!) to the Customline

Now really annoyed with myself. Knowing that I was wasting more petrol than I could ever justify I returned to the Customline. Yes the glasses were on the seat. But what a waste of money. So back to Clovelly I go again.

What is wrong with the Uni Joint?

The Rear uni joint had been replaced not 3 months earlier. I had never been happy with the job. I had vibrations after the uni joint was replaced. But I never had vibrations before it was replaced.

3 days after the uni joint was replaced the vibrations were so bad that i got under the car myself to check it. I found the nuts that hold the ubolts around the uni cups were only finger tight.

In my opinion if I hadn’t checked them at that point. The uni joint would have given way. So I was unimpressed with the previous mechanic who had replaced the uni joint.

I determined to call him the next morning to organize repairs under warranty. He had charged me $189 less than 3 months prior and I managed to find the paid receipt in my wallet.

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