Uni Broke? Must be faulty?

First thing this morning. I called the Mechanic who had done the repairs 3 months earlier. He told me that he had ‘heard’ that I had ‘worked’ on the uni joint after him.

So as a result he wasn’t going to cover the uni joint under warranty. I got angry and told him I’d make him famous on the net.

Bad Customer Service?

He told me he didn’t care and that I could do whatever I wanted. I told him I would pursue it in court and again he told me to do what I wanted.

Customline on the side of the Princess Highway

I drive into Millicent in the 92 Ford. On the way past the Customline I take these photos. The Customline seemed untouched from it’s night on the side of the road.


But .. When I look under the car and see clearly the state of the Uni joint. I know straight away that the wrong sized Uni must have been used.


The caps must have been spread too far apart to accomodate the yoke on the diff.


A close up shows the evidence better.


Famous for being unfair?

I went around to the Mechanic’s place of business and take some photo’s of him and his shopfront. (From across the road)

I discuss his inability to deal with basic mechanics. I also point out his complete lack of customer service. I dont think he likes me anymore.

http://lazerzap.com/files/cusso5.jpg http://lazerzap.com/files/mechanic.jpg

He got quite cross when I took the photos. I got told he would sue me If I published them. But I thought a business owner’s image and information are in the public domain.

Not sure tho.. Otherwise how does a newspaper get away with doing a paperatzi on the so called stars?

Anyway he already told me I could do whatever I wanted on the phone… Looser

More important things to do

I grab my friend Keith and we go to the Customline.

We are a couple of kilometers from Jenny’s place in Hatherleigh.

The tailshaft was sitting on the handbrake cable and had completely come out.

So we put the tailshaft in the 92 Ford and towed the Customline to Hatherleigh. Keith in the 92 Ford. Me in the Customline.

We get the Customline to Jenny’s without incident.

I drive Keith home to Millicent.

I drop the Customline tailshaft off to Garry Clifford in Millicent and I return to Clovelly.

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