Hooray!! - Time to get some Goodies!

It’s Wednesday. Shoppingday. Payday.

So I wait for the kids to get home. Its time to go shopping. :) Sarah particularly wanted to go to Millicent this week. She has been after a Dolly magazine that has Delta Goodrum on the front cover. She is fearful of missing out of the issue.

Inspect Customline Broken Uni

I stop into Jenny’s place at Hatherleigh to check on the Customline on the way past. I wash off some bird poo and take this image under the car.


The more I look at the broken uni joint on the Customline. The more I get angry. This just shouldn’t have happened.

Another Rude CentreLink Shock

We drive into Millicent. Go to the bank. $9.65. Huh? Didn’t get payed? Hmmm.. I wonder why.. I will just go across the road to the CentreLink presence in Millicent. Closed. Its 4.45pm. Damn. Ok.. I will just have to go home. Make the best out of it for dinner tonight and get onto CentreLink tomorrow.

I wonder what mail I have missed from CentreLink this time in my PO Box? When are the morons who make CentreLink policy going to realise they need to have stightly different rules for rural people?

So my Kids and I go without again.

Getting the Customline home and repaired will also have to wait.

Everything must wait. I wasted my limited funds getting back from Millicent to Clovelly. Knowing I will have to get to Millicent again before I am able to access funds. CentreLink really know how to make remote rural people suffer. Much more so than for those in the Cities.

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