CentreLink created Stress

Getting serious here. I need to get some cash.

Called CentreLink. I feel like I’m hitting the wall now. CentreLink decide that they will contact St Vincent de Paul to assist us through the weekend.

But I will have to get into Millicent and home again without cash. Thank goodness I started this horror week with an almost full tank of petrol in both cars. The 92 Ford has a full tank of Gas too. I also have a ‘Jerry Can’ with 20 litres of petrol.

But due to the Customline breaking down I had used up some extra fuel going to work on it.

Go to a Welfare Organisation

So I go into Millicent again. sigh I attend the St Vincent de Paul outlet. The lady there is highly critical of John Howard and I’m just too depressed to care. So I get some UHT Milk, a small Bread, a small Butter, etc a few greens.

I go and borrow some money from some friends. Promice to pay them back when I get paid. Get some ‘fresh milk’ so I can at least enjoy a coffee. Get some smokes cos I’m stressing and If I dont get a smoke I will explode. Get some cat food for the cat. Put some petrol in the car. Whoops $50 gone. :(

Warning Lousy Weekend Ahead

When the kids get home from school. They see what we have been given to survive on. They decide that they can go to Mums and avoid a horror weekend with no goodies at home. So I take them to their Mums (Greenways) for the weekend. (Thank goodness for having the foresight to maintain sufficient fuel for emergencies)

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