P2P in the PCTech chatroom on PalTalk

It occured to me that there was a flaw in the way some of the visitors are handled. IF anyone is (brave) enough to mention P2P (Peer to Peer) they are pretty well shown the door.

This is probably fair enough when dealing with file sharing P2P network software. But P2P networking has changed with time. VOIP (Voice over IP) is handled well nowadays using P2P.

Wildfire0 is the Nicname of the person responsible for the running of the PCTech chatroom. So after giving it some thought. I sent Wildfire0 a PM (Personal Message) telling her of my concerns. After discussing the issue and defining what PCTech could and couldn’t legally support.

Wildfire0 asked me if I would like to present a proposal for the PCTech admins to consider.

So I did.

I produced the following draft for Wildfire0 to consider.

What is P2P

Peer-to-peer networks are typically used for connecting nodes via largely ad hoc connections. Such networks are useful for many purposes. Sharing content files (see file sharing) containing audio, video, data or anything in digital format is very common, and realtime data, such as telephony traffic, is also passed using P2P technology.


P2P is a specific form of relational dynamic, based on the assumed equipotency of its participants, organized through the free cooperation of equals in view of the performance of a common task, for the creation of a common good, with forms of decision-making and autonomy that are widely distributed throughout the network.


Suggested Support of P2P in [[PCTech]]

P2P support will only be provided for P2P programs that DO NOT have a file transfer system installed. Although the future of P2P applications is unknown. Due to desktop PC’s becoming more powerful with faster internet connections. There is a high probability of more P2P voice chat or even gaming systems in the future. No support will be provided to P2P applications that have the ability to transfer files between users.

Edit 2009: I believe the people of PCTech stuck to their ‘No P2P Support’ rule

An example of P2P VOIP Applications

What about PicoPhone? If you haven’t used PicoPhone yet. Then I highly recomend you try it.



This is the kind of P2P that you keep just to talk to your closest friends. You dont use it to talk to just anyone. Because of it’s P2P nature your Internet IP number is revealed to whoever you speak with. So make sure that you trust the person your going to test PicoPhone with.


If you decide to Download Picophone 1.64 Vitez Download Picophone 1.64 Mirror. Take note of the PicoServer IP Specified above. You may have to change the Picoserver IP number that is set by default to

Otherwise the red SRV light will not light up. The SRV light indicates a connection to an active Picoserver.

That aside PicoPhone is a great little program. It provides 2 way voice and text communications for up to 5 users. One on one it really shines.

Even for dialup users who have limited bandwidth PicoPhone works great. Non dialup users may find they are unable to receive a call until they perform port forwarding of the PicoPhone default port in their router. However like all P2P operations through a router, you can make an outgoing call without setting up port forwarding.


As long as you call someone who is already setup to receive calls. Like me. you dont have to do any setup other than download the program, run through a real easy setup, and except make your call.

Dialup users will especially love the size of PicoPhone. At 64KB it is one of the smallest VOIP P2P programs that it worth mentioning.


If you would like to try PicoPhone.

Download Picophone 1.64 Vitez Download Picophone 1.64 Mirror

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