CentreLink coughed up

Got payed today. whew Went did the shopping. Payed $100 off the repairs to the Customline to Garry Clifford. I dunno how much it’s going to be. It depends on what we can salvage. How much damage (if any) is actually done to the driveshaft.

92 Ford out of Rego

Registration is Due on the 92 Ford on the 23rd.

I told Garry Clifford, who is repairing the driveshaft, that I needed to go to Naracoorte on Friday 26th. Sarah is getting her braces adjusted.

Garry was unsure if he was going to be able to supply the tailshaft before the registration on the 92 Ford runs out. I said as long as I had it before Friday and suggested that Wednesday the 24th I’d be back in Millicent for that CentreLink interview and to do my shopping again.

Garry said he would do his best to have it done by Wednesday. But it was really down to him receiving the correct sized uni joint in the timeframe.

So fingers crossed.

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