Busy Busy Busy

Shopping day again. In to Millicent. I need to do that Interview. Did the interview. Was granted the exemption. I have to attend other interviews as well of course.

Uh oh.. CentreLink think I'm a crazy drug addict

Im going to be placed on intensive assistance. I wonder what that will mean? I ‘HAVE’ to have a ‘MENTAL EVALUATION’? I also have to attend a ‘DRUG REHAB CENTRE’?

CentreLink must think I’m a drugged out nutter. Hmmmm.. Personally I never saw much wrong with smoking some grass occasionally. But typical of Government Departments who have a Zero Tolerance policy towards untaxed (illegal) drugs.

Aparently I am now considered a druggy in need of a Drug Rehab Centre. This is what happens if you actually tell em the truth. sigh

The mental evaluation will be interesting. I don’t think I’m ready to be considered crazy. But I am easily upset lately. Maybe they are trying to discredit my comments on the net? Who knows??

So I agree to everything they want. Lets see what happens next. I really don’t have a choice do I? They already beat me with the financial stick. I don’t want to be ‘Breached’ for not agreeing with them.

Short in the Bank

After the interview I go across the road to the bank. Hmm I seem to be maybe $140 short? Whats going on now?

The 'Sneaky' Rent Relief Form

So back to the CentreLink office. They contact Mt Gambier CentreLink. Im now told that I needed to contact CentreLink advising them within 14 days of moving house and prove to them what my current rent is. They have now withheld the rent assistance I was receiving.

So I ask If I can get a form so that I can get it re-instated. Now I am told that these forms are special. Well they must be. The CentreLink office in Millicent is ‘NOT ALOWWED’ to have copies of that particular form.

I ask for a copy to be faxed to the Millicent CentreLink. Now I am told that this form cannot be printed out. It ‘MUST’ be mailed.

This is again the Government making sure that all us ‘thieves’ dont rip em off. But in the process slowing down the system to a crawl and frustrating those that are forced to use the system.

Are they 'trying' to make us angry?

Why does this form have to be mailed out? Too piss us off. Make us wait. Plain and simple.

So now to get this form. I will have to wait for it to turn up. The next time I will be in town will probably be next Wednesday 31st. So i cant fix it before then due to their system and my remoteness.

Oh Great! - More delays in payment

Hmmmmm I wonder if they backdate it? I am not gonna be too surprised to find out they dont. We shall see..

Fixing the Customline

Payed $50 more on the Customline. Picked up the finished driveshaft. Went and asked a friend to help me get the Customline home tomorrow.

Didn’t pay rent. Due to being short about $140. *sigh

Put more petrol in than normal and only really did a light shop.

The money ran out too fast. I got $30 left in my wallet for Naracoorte on Friday.

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