Happy Birthday to me

No Comment.. 50 years old today..

Half a century.. It was no party.

Off to Narracoorte

Put the contents of the ‘Jerry Can’ into the Customline. Hmmmm didn’t fill it. :( Not good. So I milked the 92 Ford. I took maybe 10 litres from it. Filled the Customline with the can again. Then milked the 92 Ford again and refilled the ‘Jerry Can’.

We went off to Naracoorte to see Sarah’s Dentist. On the way we dropped into Greenways and saw Barbara. She needed some panadols.

The Customline cruised and the day was nice. We took it slow mostly. We were ahead of schedule. So in the end we putted into Naracoorte doing 60 klms per hour (35 mph)

After Sarah saw the Dentist. (he is very happy with her)

Sigh - Broke again, TY CentreLink for wasting all my money

We had scrounged 10 and 20 cent pieces from home and had enough for 2 flavored milk drinks. Sarah contributed a couple of dollars she had as well. So we went and inflicted 10 and 20 cent madness on the poor bakery shop owner. The pies and pasties and cakes looked nice. *sigh (next time)


We managed to return home without resorting to the ‘Jerry Can’ so it is still full in the boot of the Customline. But my bet is the Customline wont have much left in her now. :(


The good thing is the Customline now feels great on the road. The nasty vibrations that I had been getting used too are now missing.

After all this we settled down to a quiet night at Clovelly


Thats probably a really good birthday present all by itself. :)


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