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I’m gonna blog the CentreLink BS. See what the world thinks about John Howards latest antics against the poor in Australia.

Did you know that in the 1970’s the poor had such protection, the Federal Government were required to give 3 months notice, of their intention to dishonour payments?

In 2007 that time period has now been reduced to just 2 days by the Howard Government. The financial security offered to single parents extends no futher than to the last CentreLink request. (request = demand)

Social Repercussions

Landlords are fully aware of the new status of the single parents. Finding Rentals for single parents has become significantly more difficult. As Landlords now consider a single parenting payment as being no more secure than a standard unemployed persons ‘New Start’ payment. (Which is an accurate estimation) So as a direct result of the Howard Government changes to the system. Landlords are suddenly unwilling to rent to single parents.

If a single parent or other person dependent on Government income fails to respond to CentreLink ‘requests’. Within 2 working days their income will be stopped without futher communications. The first you know about it is when you go to the bank and the cupboard is bare.

Rural Living is more expensive

In my case. Living 42 Klms away from Millicent. Going to the bank and finding that there is no money means not only a fearful week ahead. But even returning home has now become a logistical problem.

When you complain about the way CentreLink are treating you. They just say that it is out of their hands. The politicians have made the laws. The laws must be upheld. There is no good complaining about it. They don’t make specific laws for rural people.

Well.. These laws need to be changed. These laws are John Howards laws. Bought into place with his absolute majority that he temporarily enjoys in the upper and lower houses of parliament.

Thinking people know that the voting public of Australia were fooled into voting back the Howard Government again. Totally due to John Howards direct misrepresentation of facts, and his willingness to manipulate the base fears of the voting public.

This is Just too Corrupt!

Something I see he is up too again.. As I am bombarded with Liberal Party advertisements on our Free to Air TV. The millions of taxpayers dollars that Howard wasted trying to promote his Government prior to the “official start” of the election cycle is particularly corrupt.

If Howard gets back in. He will take that as his “MANDATE” to keep changing everything to suit his business cronies. Please Australia don’t allow it to happen again.

This is too depressing.. I will blog more later.

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