Chatting on Paltalk

I used to chat on PalTalk to many people. I used to sit in the PCTech room. Assisting people if I could. Having fun in general.

I also have a select few people who I chat with in PM.

This is a capture of a conversation with Age132.

The other night we were sitting in the PCTech room and chatting in PM. Anyway.. Let the words speak for themselves.

(11:04 AM) age132: back

lazerzap: i watchin..

lazerzap: lol

lazerzap: << on duty

lazerzap: keeping em thinkin

lazerzap: lol

(11:04 AM) age132: lol

(11:05 AM) age132: i’m learning

lazerzap: computers are all proceedure

lazerzap: once you learn the correct proceedure to solve the problem

lazerzap: its repeatative

lazerzap: and boring

lazerzap: -.-

lazerzap: thats bad isnt it

lazerzap: just goes to show

(11:06 AM) age132: no

lazerzap: i really learnt this crap

(11:06 AM) age132: i love it

lazerzap: yer its good to have answers

lazerzap: there are 2 types of ppl on the net

lazerzap: those who know

lazerzap: and those who dont

lazerzap: some ppl have no interest in learning

lazerzap: they just wanna play

lazerzap: but in the process of playing

lazerzap: they find they must learn

lazerzap: like playing music in a pal room

lazerzap: it requires some knowlege

lazerzap: so ppl pick it up

lazerzap: after awhile they realize

lazerzap: its all just proceedure

lazerzap: you folllow a certain path to solve the problem

lazerzap: whatever it is

lazerzap: from hardware

lazerzap: to software

lazerzap: to programming

lazerzap: its all the same really

lazerzap: once you learn the proceedure for whatever you doing..

lazerzap: you have the answers to that one…

(11:09 AM) age132: i like to learn so i guess i’m a nerd too

lazerzap: problem is.. there are so many questions that need answers

lazerzap: they learning never ends..

lazerzap: the8

lazerzap: yer

lazerzap: i think we all are

lazerzap: humans have athirst for knowlege

lazerzap: and the net is our way of communications now

lazerzap: like cb radio was

lazerzap: we have to learn how to make it work properly

lazerzap: like tuning your antenna

lazerzap: lol

(11:10 AM) age132: yes

(11:11 AM) age132: lol

lazerzap: we still just playing with our original hobby

lazerzap: communications..

(11:11 AM) age132: yes

lazerzap: we just moved

(11:11 AM) age132: and we need to learn from that too

lazerzap: a lot of ppl into cb radio once

lazerzap: when the subject comes up in rooms

lazerzap: many ppl were on the cb

lazerzap: the thing about the net is..

lazerzap: we had 40 channels on the cb

lazerzap: our pc’s have 64k channels..

lazerzap: ports…

lazerzap: but here.. each port can be a multimedia presentation..

lazerzap: interactive session

lazerzap: video and sound

lazerzap: etc

lazerzap: so much more can be done

lazerzap: its down to human imagination

lazerzap: and knowlege on how to make it work

(11:14 AM) age132: yes

lazerzap: its exciting..

(11:14 AM) age132: yes

lazerzap: and its new

lazerzap: in 1000 years

lazerzap: what will they think of us?

lazerzap: whatever we leave behind on the net?

lazerzap: hmm

(11:15 AM) age132: yes

lazerzap: that can be taken many ways

lazerzap: all this sypware

(11:15 AM) age132: grand grand kids

lazerzap: up our asses

lazerzap: and in 50 years

lazerzap: when we dead

lazerzap: they release it?

lazerzap: ohh nice..

lazerzap: thats what i worry about

lazerzap: cos there are no rules

lazerzap: our privacy has been invaded

lazerzap: and there are no cops

lazerzap: saying no

lazerzap: thats why i will probably end up writing some p2p software

lazerzap: that uses no server

lazerzap: has no spyware

lazerzap: and just does the job

lazerzap: ha

lazerzap: one day maybe

(11:17 AM) age132: i hope someday some one reads how ppl loved and lived and really feel and that we still love and live and be niced to each other

lazerzap: ohh the webpages of love

lazerzap: and suffereing

lazerzap: human tragedy

lazerzap: loss and suffering

lazerzap: are all there

(11:18 AM) age132: we can all hope

lazerzap: no doubt

lazerzap: but

lazerzap: look at plato

lazerzap: and other great thinkers

lazerzap: they still managed to produce adolf hitler

lazerzap: and others like him

lazerzap: the bible with its preaching of love

lazerzap: doesnt impact on humans too heavily

lazerzap: we still do what we want when we want

lazerzap: and the cops put the unacceptable ones away

lazerzap: ..

(11:21 AM) age132: yes

lazerzap: i play this online game

lazerzap: if u break the rules

lazerzap: u can get banned

lazerzap: but there are no cops

(11:21 AM) age132: this is like a bible

lazerzap: there is no law

lazerzap: there are no courts

lazerzap: so..

lazerzap: its a scammers paradise

lazerzap: if you can imagine..

(11:22 AM) age132: yes

lazerzap: you trade with someone..

(11:22 AM) age132: i know it is

lazerzap: bet ya life they will try and rip u off

lazerzap: etc

lazerzap: is this the way humans really are?

lazerzap: without the cops looking over our shoulder?

lazerzap: i think it is

lazerzap: :(

(11:22 AM) age132: :(

lazerzap: the warring tribes

lazerzap: we are still doing it

lazerzap: its all sad

lazerzap: but there is no easy quick answer

lazerzap: we can just observe

(11:23 AM) age132: nope

lazerzap: and maybe throw ourselves in front of a tank one day if it really matters??

lazerzap: -.-

(11:24 AM) age132: just make sure what we write

(11:24 AM) age132: make ppl think

lazerzap: i know there are many people who want society to start to really take care of the “world”

lazerzap: the new world order

lazerzap: is a scarey thought

(11:25 AM) age132: yep

lazerzap: but logically will exist one day

(11:25 AM) age132: it has started tho

lazerzap: the question is age..

(11:26 AM) age132: look at all ppl on line now

lazerzap: are WE gonna let the corporations rule us

lazerzap: ??

(11:26 AM) age132: damn no

lazerzap: cos thats whats happening now

(11:26 AM) age132: so we keep learning

(11:26 AM) age132: look at vista

lazerzap: the ecology of the planet will solve it for us

(11:26 AM) age132: there ya go

lazerzap: the corporations will take less profits for the good of the world

lazerzap: eventually

(11:27 AM) age132: we hope

lazerzap: they may be forced too

lazerzap: i dont think people want a ruined world just so the fat cats get more cash

lazerzap: i think we kinda fed up with it

lazerzap: antarctic melting

lazerzap: and a hole in the ozone layer

lazerzap: pfft

(11:28 AM) age132: lol

lazerzap: there will be a big nasty soon

lazerzap: dunno what

lazerzap: -.-

lazerzap: the world is a wonderful place

lazerzap: the doom and gloom prophets have been cashing in every century

lazerzap: saying its the end of the world…

lazerzap: etc

lazerzap: but tho. we see the problems and somtimes horrors the world keeps turning..

lazerzap: although history tells me that there may have been other civilizations that we have no understanding or concept of

lazerzap: it seems we could be swept aside with a meteor

lazerzap: and loose everything

lazerzap: overnight

lazerzap: so.. im up for the party

lazerzap: :)

lazerzap: human lifespan 70 years doesnt seem like much time to do anything much…

lazerzap: so i will just have fun

lazerzap: and make sure my kids arent feral

lazerzap: and have a chance to succeed

lazerzap: thats about it for me

lazerzap: lmao

(11:34 AM) age132: brb

lazerzap: can i blog this conversation?

lazerzap: lmao

lazerzap: it will save a blog entry

lazerzap: -.-

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