Not another unplanned trip to Millicent!

Out of milk today. Got 5 cigarettes left. Long way till Wednesday.

Birthday Girl!

I called Jenny in Hatherleigh and she offered $5 to get some milk.

It is her birthday today. So I’m gonna go sit with her and have a small drink with her for her birthday.

So I went to Jenny’s place. Found her and her two sisters sitting around the kitchen table drinking beer.

Mini Party

Joined the mini party.

Put the contents of the ‘Jerry Can’ into the Customline. Eventually went and got that milk from Millicent.

Continued the mini party after one sister (Pam) went home.

The girls got me up to dance. But of course I dont dance. So it took some convincing. I only agreed to it if they ‘taught’ me how to dance.

They didn’t. I just stood there getting excited.

Jenny wanted her sister to dance with me first.

Then Jenny danced with me. OMG. Lets just say. Dancing can be pretty sexy. She knew what she was doing. I knew what she was doing too.

Unfortunately I had to get home. I’d been out a lot longer than I had anticipated.

So after that little detour. I will have to milk the 92 Ford again to get back into Millicent on Wednesday. Otherwise I will be risking it.

But I couldn’t go without my coffee and nobody deserves to be lonely on their birthday. I should know. So (As Jenny would say) It’s all good.

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