Broke again..

Called CentreLink again today. I thought I better look into why I am so broke this week. CentreLink told me that they had paid me the correct amount. (Not counting the rent relief they are still witholding)


But even so. I seemed to have a lot less than I should have had. So I logged into Netbank and checked my transactions.

Ahh.. I see the problem. IInet took $64!! That overdrew my account. The Bank charged me $30 for the pleasure?

Iinet Sux

Now I see why I was so broke. Damn. Ok.. Ring IInet.. What’s going on? You charged me for 2 months dialup on the 22nd? It’s normal policy to have dialup paid in advance. Hmmm..

Not much I can do about it. Except wear it all.

At least I know now why I’m so poor this week.

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