Iinet Dialup Charges

After looking into my internet charges. I accept they are accurate. :) Thats a good thing..

Well.. Kinda..

Basically I roll over again. Iinet changed the ‘rules’. Iinet see nothing wrong with taking 2 months worth of internet dialup access charges from my account. Problem is, I was only expecting to “pay as I go” (like the last time I had Iinet..) rather than “pay in advance”.. (Sounds like a new Telstra copycat profit concept to me..)

Means I had to pay 2 months worth of access.

  • sigh*

Read the fine print.

I’m not too angry with Iinet.

Bank Overdraw Fee

So I accept that the Iinet charges were valid. I just don’t like how it cost me another $30 in bank fees. (again)

Typical Banks. Go for an obscene profit from an oversight.

But that is the crappy system I have to deal with.. Isn’t it?

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