Introducing: Drivers Kit

Cold, Wet, Windy, All Yesterday, All Night, All Day

I have to go get the Kids from Greenways sometime in the afternoon. I’m not looking forward to the drive. The conditions on the road will be difficult to cope with in the Customline.

Now dont get me wrong. The Customline drives ok. But when the wind is like this. The Customline sits so high it seems to catch every gust of wind.

The old suspension rocks around a bit in a heavy wind. The Customline isn’t like a modern car in that regard. Even though the seering box on the Customline was fully reconditioned. The Customline windscreen wipers are barely sufficient on high wind wet days.

Dangerously Windy

SWF of the Wind (It's 9.39 MB I wouldn't recomend it at 31.2 kbps.. But here is the link..)

I’m afraid the windy, wet conditions are going to force me to use the 92 Ford. The 92 Ford may not currently be registered or insured. But it’s a safer alternative to the Customline on a day like today.

Now it’s a 36 klm round trip to Greenways. I will be travelling at up to 110 klm/hr during the trip. Hopefully my day will not be destroyed by an observant Cop.

Alternate Licencing System?

This brings me to Blog about Car/Motor Vehicle Registration and 3rd Party Insurance in Australia.

I think a fairer alternative to what is currently the status quo, would be to introduce a system of Vehicle Registration and 3rd Party Insurance similar in concept to that of a normal Drivers Licence.

Introducing the 'Drivers Kit'

I’d call it a “Drivers Kit”.

Where each person ‘pays’ for a Registration Number to attach to the vehicle of their choice. This should work because there is no need to track the vehicle if you can track the driver.

If a person had access to say 2 cars/vehicles. That person would be able to make the choice which car/vehicle they were going to drive that day.

Instead of the current system where people pay for 2 (or more) seperate registration fee’s when they can only drive once vehicles at a time!

Basically people would only pay for the time the vehicle was being really ‘used’ on the roads. (Like Registration and 3rd Party Insurance is supposed to cover) rather than when it’s not being used.

Which is the state of the current system in Australia.

So basically. You would pay a much higher price for your Drivers Licence. But the fee would include Motor Vehicle Registration and 3rd Party Insurance.

(Basically it would work out to cost about the same as the old system)

You would be given a “Drivers Kit” that would include Motor Vehicle Registration Numberplates. (Of various selectable sizes perhaps)

There you have it.

If someone wants to borrow your spare vehicle. They need their own current “Drivers Kit”. etc etc

Getting caught driving without a current “Drivers Kit”.. Would be serious stuff. etc etc

Transport SA (or whoever) could equip each ‘Drivers Kit’ with some electronic gadgetry that automatically reports offenders for breaches in usage.. etc..

Why penalize people who may be lucky enough to own or have access to multiple vehicles. That is no reason for the Governments to cash up on everyone?

The current system penalises people by making them pay for registrations they cannot personally use on multiple vehicles.

Cash Cows?

Why haven’t the Governments in Australia been held accountable to this cash cow public scam?

I will give you another example of how the Motor Registration System rips the public.

If I let my car fall 2 weeks out of registration. When I go to renew the Registration. I will be asked.

Do you want the registration to continue from the expiry date? or Do you wish to pay a $20 handling fee and we will start the Registration period from today.

Now If I had been pulled over by a Cop within that expired period. I would have been booked for Driving an Unregistered Vehicle.

Yet the system itself ensures that the Vehicle is never unregistered. Because when you pay for the registration next. The period continues from the date of the last expiry. You have to tell them if you want the new registration to start from today. (Don’t forget the $20

Yumm! Nice cake

The Governments want to have their cake and eat it on Motor Registration. They get the revenue from the Cops when they bust people for breaking the Governments stupid Motor Registration laws.

They get it from the unwary that just pay heaps on a vehicle that was unregistered for 2 months and don’t pay the $20 fee to get the Registration initiated from that day.

They pick up the $20 (late) fee.

The Poor: Targetted again?

You could say that they offer some relief with their $20 fee. But the Unemployed poor of our community will tempt fate. To some Unemployed people it can come down to what costs more in dollars.

(Leaving it unregistered for 1 month? May save a dollar at the risk of being caught.)

Can we at least have safe roads?

Another annoyance is how the Governments fail to invest their ill got gains back into the basic road infastructures.


The Governments really dont play fair on Motor Registration and Insurance in Australia.

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