CentreLink: PSP Appointment

Please note that your next PSP appt is on Wed 7th Nov @ the CentreLink building at Millicent, 11.00am.

Hmmmm… Just as well it’s a payday.

I dont think I could afford to run into Millicent for this purpose only. This way I can do the shopping and do the CentreLink appt.

I have, what should be usual by now, yet still seems unforseen somehow, financial burden this week. This week (The small week) I need to get some extra stuff for Daniel.

Daniel's School Camp

Daniel will be going on School Camp from Monday the 12th. The X (Barbara) paid for the School Camp. Even so I need to get Daniel PJ’s, Jocks, and Torch (with batteries).

Car will be low on fuel again as I went to Greenways on Sunday to get the Kids. So I will need to spend more than I have actally used. I need to maintain a fuel buffer for emergencies.


The Millicent Real Estate people will be unhappy with me if I don’t give them some extra cash for the old rental house in Beachport. But the way CentreLink have been stuffing me around lately there has been no money left over for this.

Something has to suffer. I’m afraid it has been the payments on the old rental house in Beachport. The way this week is adding up. I doubt I will be able to offer more than $20 to them (if that).

PO BOX: Essential!

Have to get PO Box at Millicent Post Office!!! (This is becoming a real problem.. As I dont want to contact my creditors with a co po Millicent address) The PO Box always seem to be at the end of the line and misses out on the cash.

I just hope there is enough to go around again.


Plan A

So.. This is the plan… Leave Clovelly at 8.30am. When Kids leave for School. On the way call into Hatherleigh to see if Jenny want to go to Millicent.

Drop Jenny Off. Withdraw cash from bank. Go get main from Post Office and get PO Box. (finally!) Go across road and pay rent. Go to target get some Jocks, PJ’s.

Go fuel up the car. Do the CentreLink interview at 11am. Do the shopping (dont forget a torch). Buy the smokes. Find Jenny. Drop Jenny at Hatherleigh Go home to Clovelly.

Lets see if that plan works..

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