Dear Mr and Mrs PalTalk

Dialup Sux

Howdee.. Sorry to bring this to you. But I am a dialup user. I know there arent many dialup users left.

Real Annoying

But when I initially login to Paltalk I get a popup browser box that advertises I think up to 8 paltalk featured rooms. Each room has a high res image. On half speed (31.2 kbps) dialup it keeps knocking me off the paltalk server.

Dialup Really Sux

Obviously I dont have sufficient bandwidth to accomodate maintaining connection to the Paltalk servers and receiving such high resolution images as part of the room advertising.

So does PalTalk

The funny thing is. When I was using Version 8.5 paltalk. This wasnt a problem to me. I think because different quality images were used for 8.5’s initial room ads.


Please Please Please.. Think about reducung the quality of those images so that dialup users like myself aren’t so badly affected.

A solution I guess would be to go back to 8.5. However I find 8.5 to be more difficult to get a good solid outgoing audio stream.

Please Mr PalTalk.. Just reduce the image quality so it doesnt knock us offline anymore..

Wasted Time.. No Reply

Thankyou for the time taken to read this.

Ticket ID is: LTK11804517351X

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