Last year my Mercury 32 email server crashed after some nasty exploit had been rendered against it. Shame.. I’d just worked out some configuration issues with it too.

Since then I’ve basically ignored email. Only rarely even checking my top 3 providers. (my isp, hotmail, and yahoo)

But readers may be pleased to know that I have installed the latest version of Mercury 32.

This version addresses the security flaw that was uncovered last year. (June/July 2007)

Having an email server running here again. Allows me the capability of quickly verifying users.

So I expect I will have to reconfigure the various CMS systems to operate with email again. (Hope I remember the admin passwords.)

This gives me the incentive to start ‘playing’ with the php and mysql again.

Made the Telstra, Telstra BigPond, Australian ISP, VBMYSQL, and SPAM entries today.

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