Mowing Grass at Clovelly

The lawn at Clovelly has become a problem again. I hadn’t been maintaining it due to the Victa 160cc Sportsmans Deluxe 2 Stroke loosing a blade and the circlip that holds the front wheels up. Damage to the plate under the Mower has prevented me from replacing the blades easily.

So I have been looking for a solution for some time. (Meaning a RIDE ON LAWN MOWER - Cos the Victa is getting too hard to push around Clovelly)

Unfortunately up until now all the Lawn Mowers Ive seen on ebay and the trading post. Are either too far away or too expensive. (Mostly both)

So I have been watching the grass grow and getting worried about it.

Becoming a huge problem

Two weeks ago the owner mentioned to me that the grass was getting too high. I told him then that I would take care of it. (But its a bit difficult..)

Purchased a Rover Colt 5

Anyway.. A couple of days ago. I met a man who lived in Robe. (34 Klms away) During the course of our conversation, I mentioned that I needed a Ride on Lawn Mower. This fine gent then offered me a Rover Colt 5 for $150.

So this afternoon, I emptied the garbage we had been collecting in the car trailer at Furner. Then headed to Millicent and Fueled up (I was real real low on gas). While at the Service Station, I went to the carwash and High preasure cleaned out the trailer. (Ewww.. Im not gonna elaborate) Headed Home and then to Robe and picked up the Rover Colt 5.

Bloody thing!

After an uneventful drive home. Dan and I Got the Rover Colt 5 unloaded. Of course it wouldnt start.

So out with the tools. (In the dark and the cold.. DUH!!)

Took out the spark plug. Cleaned it. Good spark now. But still not going. Took off the airfilter. This allowed me to see the operation of the choke. (Or lack of operation)


So I manually operate the throttle at the carby end to activate the choke.

Grab that (*@#$%) pullstart again… (Puff Puff..)


Finally started

Putt Putt Putt Putt..

No worries.. Looks like I worked out how to start it..

So I check out the trottle cable. While looking at it. It somehow breaks. Dunno how. It wasn’t me. Ok.. It was me.. But it must have been ready to go at any second. So I take the unit off. Bring it inside and repair it. (Using swearwords, screwdriver, sidecutters, electric drill and grinding stone.)

Reinstall it.. (With many misgivings about its remaining life)

Test it.. Hmm well it actually works.. Still gonna be manual starts with a hand override on the throttle at the carby though. I will need a new cable. Maybe then I will be able to get the choke to operate as designed.

Full Function!

It goes forward. It goes backward. It actually cuts. (I tried it on a weed on the verandah) I’m in Lawn Mower Heaven. The owner of Clovelly is gonna forgive me when I get them lawns down (Sigh).

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