Rover Colt 5 Lawnmower

The Internet isn’t the sum total of human knowledge. Not by a long shot. Yesterday I purchased a Rover Colt 5 Lawn Mower.

Where is the info

I been searching for information on it. A service manual would be nice. :)

But. I have been rather dissapointed at what I have found. Basically nothing. I found a reference to Rover Colt on ebay. But it wasn’t the right model.

From there I went to the website. Thinking they would be sure to have it. Although they seem to have comprehensive support for their current models. The Colt model isn’t mentioned at all.

Lack of Support for older models: Frustrating

I noted that they are an Australian company that have been manufacturing lawn mowers for 50 years. I was dissapointed that there was no ‘history’ published at their website. I was hoping to find a mention of the model and therefore work out the age of the unit.

I tried a few different search engines. Coppernic, Iboogie, google.

I eventually dug some of the information I required from PDF files. Ended up having to keyed it in myself. See : Rover Colt 5

It just goes to show. The Companies dont wish to provide information about old models any longer than they have too. This is especially true for computer equipment too. (And probably nearly everything when you think about it)

Method to the Madness?

How are they going to sell their latest models if customers just keep repairing the old models? (sigh.. if it is broke.. do fix it.. I thought..) Rather than waste more of the earths resources by trashing units that just need some TLC.


This is where people like me come in. I will crate a webpage on the Rover Colt 5. I will take some pics and publish them on the Internet. Down the track one day. Someone will appreciate it.

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