1am and I’m out in the kitchen cleaning up. Next thing I hear the Windows Startup Music.

What the…???

So I put the cleaning aside and go to the computer room.

There sits the pc.. As I left it.. Minutes before.. Except its done a reboot all by itself.

The thought the bios was setup to dis-allow a restart after a crash?

hmmm.. thats weird.. Why did it wait till it wasn’t busy to crash??

I dont understand how it even restarted itself after a crash..

(I must remember to check the bios settings next time I restart it..)

Most unusual..

Now its telling me PERL has an error and must be shutdown?

Geee.. Whats happened to PERL?.. Is my webserver gonna work?

have I been “got at”? Hmmmmmmm…

So I reboot it again.. Because it’s really not playing the game…


Same error with PERL when I reboot it. The OS is still telling me a serious problem occured. it’s still trying to report the error to MicroSoft.

So is System Safety Monitor…

Hmmm Hmmmm.. Most unusual…

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