Lets contact Telstra again!

Another INFP day. Another Telstra cue. Another bloody Telstra session!

Telstra False Advertising

This time I’m trying to get someone to take notice that Telstra are doing some false advertising.

Hours of Operation

Mainly their hours of operation for Home and Business customers. Telstra claim to have services available for Home and Business customers on the Weekend.

What they should claim is that they only provide automated service. They should inform their customers that the Home and Business areas of Telstra are unmanned on weekends.

Instead they make no mention of this and in fact mislead everyone by claiming to be open for business till 7pm on weekends, (8pm for businesses) on their recorded messages.

Consultant on the Weekend?

If you ring 132200 on the weekend. And wade through the endless automated options. Eventually you will find an option to speak to a consultant/operator.

First, Give us information..

The automated system will then get you to enter your Telephone number. Verify the number to you. If your lucky (like me) you may get an extra message telling you how you have been upgraded to a new system and that your record cannot be accessed. Then you will be passed to the next automated system.

Hello... Anyone home?

A few cues, recorded musaks, and rings later. You will eventually end up at a system that informs you that you have called outside of the hours of operation. Suggests that you call back when Telstra are open for business.

Instructs you of what the office hours are. But surprise surprise. Your actually within the hours that they are specifying.

This is false advertising. In my opinion this is normal operation for Telstra. To mislead the public and their stockholders.

Complaining to Telstra

Trying to get common sense from Telstra is like trying to extract a tooth from a deaf and blind elephant that has lost it’s grip on social interaction.

Wait in line..

So here I am. In a cue on Tuesday trying to tell Telstra that is is wrong for them to operate this way.

After informing the initial contact about exactly what was wrong. I was put in another cue. Ive already told a Telstra employee what is wrong. Why arent they just handling it?

Why do I have to be transfered to the department that I am complaining about?

To bring to that departments attention that something is wrong? so they rectify it? On past performance I really doubt it.

Doing the "Corporate Butt Cover" dance

It’s just corporate butt covering because no-one higher up the ladder wants to know or is ever briefed about the complaints.

Do you enjoy your position with Telstra?

Aparently it is your job, as their customers, to wait in endless cues. All this? Just to inform this dracconian company that their services are broken?

I guess so.. (We humans are such sheep)

Problem? What problem?

So eventually I speak to someone in the correct department. I am told that they do offer specific services to the public within the timeframe specified.

So what am I complaining about? Not being able to speak to someone on the weekend? “Well Sir, Not all services are operational on the weekends. Is that all I can help you with today Sir?”

I really hate the way Telstra is run.

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