I dunno what come over me. But in a moment of madness I decided to put the Customline up for sale on ebay.

My Customline Ad on ebay

Sigh.. I really am a poor car salesman. Looks like I have overflowed the info on the car. My guess is that too much bad info upfront will have potentially driven off many prospective, but skittish, customers.

I should have been more like a profesional ebay seller.

Supplied only Name, Rank, and Serial Number.. Make everyone ask everything..

Ohh well… My first ebay sale… (If it sells.. and I think it might..)

If not.. Shrug Next time I advertise it on ebay.. I will design my sales page offline.. Rather than edit the stupid thing over and over…

I wont devulge my Reserve price in the listing.. I think now that was a bad idea.

But maybe not if it becomes a true auction, with a few bidders becoming involved. It could be fun to watch the listing in the last few mins.

It might not be fun at all if the Customline doesnt reach my reserve. But I had 2 buyers call me on the mobile today. They had seen my mobile number in the ebay ad. Both were from Victoria.

One fellow is from Ballarat and the other from Cranbourne.

The guy from Ballarat drove across and viewed the Customline today!. We started her and took her for a quick spin down the road and back.

Started pretty well first click with the jumper battery. Unfortunately the Customline battery still didnt hold any charge after the quick spin.

So the Auction could get interesting. Depending on the buyers real interest and finances. Some people are dreamers. But the guys who go to the trouble of viewing a car thats interstate, arent.

The guy from Cranbourne should be turning up around 2pm Thursday. (If he turns up - I’ve heard this before from Car buyers)

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