Life on a CentreLink Payment

Life is getting tougher in 2008. While pensions and welfare payments in general have risen. It is not consistant with general price rises. Therefore we are again worse off.

Supermarket and Petrol costs more every week

Petrol prices and their impact on the weekly tab at the supermarket checkout has become obvious. (Either that or the Woolworths Corporation are going to post higher profits again this quarter..)

CentreLink REDUCE support for low income people

Centerlink contacted me to inform me that due to the increases in the cost of living.. (Im thinking they are going to give a pay rise..)

They have determined that the MINIMUM rent someone on welfare must be paying to recieve rent assistance has risen. (So no pay rise.. in fact a pay cut for some)

Let me explain this to you.

People who have previously been in reciept of Rent Assistance are no longer eligable because it costs more now to live..

Rudd Government doesn't help us

What the…???

Are they insane?

They just made it a lot worse for many many people..

Rudds way of forcing up Real Estate prices?

Hey not only that… But they force the people who own the houses to increase their rent.

Many people on welfare will now approach the owner and ask them to increase the rent so that they are again covered by rent relief.

Many Owners will (happily) respond by doing just that..

Lets increase the cost to rent

So.. Mr Rudd basically inflates the rent prices (overall) for those who (already) can ill afford it.

Why dont politicians help us?

Politicians really smell off dont they? The more you know about a politician the less you like em.

Im waiting for some employment initiatives to come from this Federal Government.

Work from Home?

I would like to see them tackle unemployment with an aim to getting people to work from home. Over their computers. Maybe get them to key punch phone books or something. (I havent given that idea much thought because its out of my control what they do - Maybe I should come up with some ideas?)

ATO Employees

I know… OMG Im so evil.. Get everyone of welfare to do the Governments Job.

Make them ATO employees.

Get them to look up how someone else is cheating the system.

Give them access to only look up the records of ALL the government departments data bases on the people on their roster for that day.

Make sure that you have proceedures in place to disallow records from anyone they know. (Make penalties for them knowingly doing this.)

Basically get them to operate an automated electronic surveillance system and report on any found cheats.

  • tech note on*

Make it co-operative like seti with data matching on shared key field searches across the system which then creates secure master listings of suspects which the system allocates to each operator.

Operator can select or generate a new suspect.

  • tech note off*

Work for the Dole?

Do it on their home computers for 6 hours a day and get paid a reasonable amount for it.

An average of how many frauds are normally detected per 100 cases. If the participant doesnot detect their average (+/- whatever percent to make it fair) They get paid less.

No incentive to become an idiot. In fact idiots who detect everyone of fraud should be dissallowed access.


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