Un-employed on Dialup

I’m still trying to get a better internet connection here. Time marches on. At Clovelly the internet stays the same speed. 31.2 kbps on a good day. As low as 24 kbps on a bad day.

Wireless an alternative?

I evaluated a Telstra mobile data connection. I transfered $5 credit to my sons Next G Prepaid Telstra mobile account. We then converted the $5 to a datapack. That was 5 MB of data. (Sarcastic: Yep. Telstra are so cheap.)

Compare Next G with 2G access

So we connected to the internet using Next G via my sons Samsung A411 and the supplied usb cable.

I went and did a speed test. Average download speeds of 260 kbps was achieved.

We then connected to Telstras 2G network using my Nokia 6280 with the relevant usb cable.

145 kbps was achieved.

It suffers from 'high latency'

Higher than dialup latency was observed. :(

So a wireless 2G or 3G connection can be obtained at my location!!

But the current Telstra prices at $89 for 3GB or $129 for 10 GB are totally out of control.

But are there any decent providers?

This set me off in search of a provider (Of course.. Not Telstra..) who could also deliver services to this location.

3 Network

3 are advertising that you can get 6GB of data for $39 from the 3G network. But when I called then I was informed that since I was out of their 3G coverage area. My connections would revert to connecting to Telstras 2G network and Telstra would charge me $1.45 per megabyte. I clairified that the 6GB plan would not cover me for the Telstra data charges from a 2G tower.


Vodafone are advertising a 5GB plan for $49. I called Vodafone and was informed that 2G data through a vodafone 2G tower IS covered in the plan.

(I got excited)


There is a Vodafone 2G tower at Biscuit Flat. (Just down the road) It gives a steady 2 bars into my Vodafone simmed Nokia 6280.

But then Vodafone informed me that I MUST sign up in PERSON at one of their outlets to aquire this service.

Their closest outlet is Allphones in Mt Gambier.

Shame about the 'lack of service'

I called Allphones Mt Gambier and was informed that they are currently out of stock of the Vodafone 5GB data pack plans. The told me that they had no idea when they would be in stock. They told me that Allphones head office allocates the packs. They told me thay had no idea when they would be receiving the packs from Allphones head office.

I suggested that I should maybe ring back each day to see when they are in stock?

Of course no real customer service was extended. The sales girl agreed that would be my best way of obtaining the Vodafone data pack as quickly as possible.

Shame about the 'contract conditions'

In my conversation with the Allphones sales girl. I was informed that I would need 100 points of ID to obtain the plan. (No problems..)

I told the sales girl that if this worked for me. I would advertise the connections availability for them and create a little nitch market for myself to become employed in.

Then I was informed that I would need to be working to obtain the Vodaphone plan.

At that point the conversation became heated.

I vowed to look futher into it.

Shame about Allphones

I called Allphones head office. Got thru the robot. Spoke with a lady at Allphones head office about my concerns.

She transfered me to a number that didnt answer and hung up on me.

I called Allphones head office back.

This time the lady transfered me to a Representative in South Australia. When the number finally answered. It was an answering machine that took my name and number and promised to call me back. (Edit 20/Aug/2009: So far, they never have..)

But Wireless does work!

So yes you can get 2G coverage with decent data rates through Vodafone out in the bush. Its 2 times faster than a decent dialup. (4 times faster than a rim connected dialup)

If your employed

But you gotta be employed.

Unemployed people dont get a look in. We must remain with Telstra on half speed dialup at $24 a month. (for their BEST dialup connection)

Optus wont touch us no more. (Note: They used too.. We had Optus at Greenways initially) Because we are outside the cities. Optus dont have connections through our exchanges.

Now it looks like with the other major ISP’s having the “employement” requirement in their plans.

Otherwise it's dialup hell

The unemployed in the bush become more restricted to the Telstra dialup monopoly.

Corporate interference in internet uptake?

What we have here is a Corporation who are holding back the uptake of broadband usage in this country.

Pay through the nose

Telstra only provide their satelite/cable/broadband/3G to those who can afford to pay their unreal data charges.

Telstra competitors have a field day (decade..)

The competitors see how badly Telstra treat their customers and know that they only have to be marginally better to steal away Telstra customers.

So they only provide plans that are marginally better. (Thats probably all the Telstra Wholesale prices will allow anyway)

Telstra Wholesale Ripoff

Telstra Wholesales rubs its hands together while holding data charges high to its competitors.

Nothing changes

Meanwhile, unemployed plebs can rot on (half speed) dialup forever.

(Is it just another stick to beat us with?)

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