Contacted Java.com today..

This is what I wrote to them in their Feedback link.

For the last few months my pc has been intermittantly crashing. Appearing like a video failure. The screen would shutdown. (lockup) the audio still works. (sometimes/sometimes not)

Mostly the xp system then just reboots itself. This is an intermittant fault that has only been experienced when using java based programs. Runescape, Paltalk.

Please note the problem never existed a few months back. Now I restore a backup from 2007. Update it with everything (including java) and the problem persists.

So I doubt its my overall OS setup causing issues.

I run multiple monitors (3) 2 are nvidia mx4000’s (1 x agp, 1 x pci) and an old S3 pci virge provides the other. Without the virge the problem persists.

On only 1 nvidia (either one) the problem persists. My video drivers are up to date. Everything is up to date.

I never had this problem 8 months or so back. I thought it was probably my onboard ac97 (cmedia) that was causing the problem.

Until I noticed that staying away from java works.

Thats all the space they gave me for feedback from their website.

Java.com Feedback

Hope I get an answer. The Microsoft error reporting system suggests that I either:

  • Update your Video Drivers.
  • Slow down the Video Acceleration on your video cards.

Well.. There are no driver updates and slowing down the video cards make the games unplayable. I mean they dont work or work so video broken that you dont want to play them.

If anyone has any ideas.. You know what to do.. lol

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