Im having a “problem” with an eBay seller. sigh

It has now progressed to a “Resolution Stage” at paypal.

This is what I wrote…

This set top top was described as a HD unit. (high definition). Brand New units similar to this sell for $99 (Target - Local price). At $72 it was a minor discount. (considering no warranty - older unit - etc)

When it turned up it was a SD unit. (Standard Definition). SD set top boxes sell for $30 on ebay not $72. Channel 10 wouldnt work. The unit suffered from “square boxes” on the screen.

I contacted the seller who indicated they thought it was a HD unit. Seller had offered to refund on any problems in their ad. Seller asked me to return the unit for a refund.

Which I did.

I was unhappy at having to “trust” this person again. When in my opinion they had already betrayed my trust. But I sent off the unit in good faith. Hoping for a speedy resolution.

Seller is now failing to communicate with me. Even though much time has passed.

I am an unemployed single parent. I can ill afford to loose $72 on this item. It has cost me another $12 to return the unit on top of the $72.

At this time I am sitting here out of pocket $84. I am prepared to “wear” the $12 as my idiot fee. But I’m not happy to loose the $72 as well.

DS set top box was returned in its “inadaquate” packaging. (loose in a bubble wrap - banging around in a australia post box - with the remote control and power lead scratching everything)

Just as it was sent to me… Addressed to the Return Address that was on the Box.

Initially my corespondance indicatd I would return the unit first thing monday morning. In actual fact the unit was sent on the following wednesday. This was due to my remote living arangements. (Its 84 klms to town - return trip - Thats another $16 in my v8 ford)

Please resolve this issue for me.

Lets see what happens now…

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