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Geez.. do any of u people actually understand the term ‘HIGH LATENCY’? Wireless and Sat is really FLAKEY with HIGH LATENCY. (Means.. s l o w response time to data packets and many packets lost). Why cant a few extra dollars be thrown at making BB over the existing electricity connection interference free. That way 99.99% of Australians could be covered without using Telstra’s old copper wires. Am I the only one who thinks this is the best and cheapest solution?

I live 400klms SE of Adelaide. We have 3g here at completely disgusting prices without data caps. So Im stuck on a RIM exchange. I cant afford 3g or SAT without the data caps. It may not have been broadband, but, you could have DOUBLED my access speed by forcing Telstra to remove the crippling (NON APPROVED) diplexers from their exchanges. (at least that would have been a start…) How about forcing Telstra to allow consumers to access ISDN again? (Thats 4 - 8 times faster than my rim connection) While I got you.. Nick.. The package to help rural people access broadband was completely flawed in many many ways. The sat connections offered werent funded correctly. With many people (such as myself) still connected to rim simply because YOUR government didnt provide sufficient funding. Your subsidy only covered SAT. (When I personally would have been reasonably happy with an ISDN subsity) You failed to deliver to the bush when you had the power. Now in opposition you continue to play with smoke and mirrors. (I think its a career choice) At least RUDD seems prepared to ‘spend a penny’ to provide real broadband to us out here. As a non working single parent of 2 kids. I for one can’t wait. Try running an Apache server (duh.. whats that?) from 31.2kbps (which is the BEST connection speed I can access thru Telstra RIM exchange) like I do. While trying to provide internet access to my children for school work. It is a complete joke. We are suffering here. Want to see how slow my server is? - http://lazerzap.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl/Life_on_Dialup

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