Telstra Pre Paid SIM with "Bonus" Credit

I hate how Telstra is operated. I have blogged many previous examples of the frustrations of dealing with Telstra. Unfortunately, we are still forced to use Telstra due to their communications monopoloy in this country. Latest example.. Daughter (16) gets Dad (me) to activate her new Telstra Pre-Paid Starter Kit. (Sim with $30 credit)

SMS's not charged correctly?

She wants the new ‘too good to be true’ plus plan.. So the new sim gets activated on the new + (plus) plan.. But wait.. Somehow the SMS’s are costing .25c each? So a call to Telstra’s Pre-paid robotic user assisted answering error reveals that you must ‘charge’ the sim to actually get the plan you selected..

Bonus Credit cannot be used on selected plan

The $30 credit supplied with the sim is classed by telstra as ‘bonus credit’ that somehow cannot be converted into the ‘plan’ that you have selected. Basically a blatent ripoff. I wonder how many other ‘dumb ozzies’ like myself telstra have ripped with this great money making idea?

Telstra's day is coming

My Daughter, who has read and listened to my previous rants against telstra quietly turned to me and said. They got me? Dad?.. I shook my head and said.. Yeah Sarah.. They got you..

Good luck staying in Business

At 16 she learns earlier than I did to dislike corporate greed. She logged into my phpbb3 forum and proceeded to tell this very story to google. Perhaps her generation will have more luck in extracting value for money than mine did.

Corporate Greed

Unfortunately, I think telstra accurately displays everything that is wrong with corporate greed. I see the same ‘attitude’ almost everywhere I turn in ‘business’ nowadays. Profit has become more important than a good reputation.

Goodwill? We run out of that years ago!

Goodwill is simply a trademark that can be swapped at will and re-marketted.

How to make more profit

It’s still cheaper to cut staff while spending Millions of dollars on TV and Radio advertising. That still somehow manages to outweigh the badwill of thousands of outraged customers blogging on the net.

Rats desert sinking ships.. Some are thrown out..

But not forever. Short term ‘get rich quick’ policies by management may ultimately spell the demise of the top heavy telco. (If the rumours of a breakup are true) I think that these ‘rogue’ corporations can and should be controlled by public boycott.

Public Boycott to Control Greed?

Perhaps through the internet people will demand respect once again from these corporations. Maybe the global ‘lack of confidence’ in corporations could be restored if the stock buying public saw them behaving responsibly within the community rather than as ‘fly by night’ profit mongers.


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