I cant get Runescape to load….

Lazerzap1 Edit 07-May-2009 17:50:53

This is my last hope.

Runescape wont load anymore.

On 3 different pc’s since last upgrade.

This will cost jagex 4 subscriptions.

Problem has been aparent for some time now. Difficulty loading game. Retrying over and over has allowed us to finally load the game.

Not this time…

Problem has been noticable only since HD was introduced.

Network topography has changed considerably over time. However same issue always exists.

About 3 months ago I setup a linux server to ‘connect’ our mini-network to the net. The linux server provides the internet to my 3 xp boxes.

Problem: Loader (initial game code) seems to have 3 attempts to get to 100%.. It say goes to 5% then laggs out… Then it gets to 20%.. laggs some more.. Then it goes to 30%.. lags again and thats the third try… So It starts again… Gets to 20% and then I get the page telling me to login with low density…

I aint using low density.. If I cant get HD (the whole family feels this way) then it aint worth playing…

Anyway.. Its not a HD/LD issue.. Its the loading of the initial game code..

I would suggest that runescape has become much larger in the last 12 months.. But the algorithms that determine loading times havent been modified to keep up with the size change..

As a result it has become increasing harder for dialup users to load the game.. Once the game has been loading.. There are no problems accessing the game. Until the next DREADED upgrade..

yes… under these conditions upgrades are dreaded..

Now what do we do? Just keep checking the forums for a reply?

I wonder how many other Jagex/Runescape veterans like myself just simply gave up….

Knowing how frustrating it would be to attempt to get Jagex to notice this problem?

(I know from past experience that jagex dont like rants or problems raised without the complainee providing a solution as well)

Quick Solution: Jagex should provide ‘ANOTHER WAY’ to re-download the c:/rscache?

Maybe a zip file….

Samari376 07-May-2009 17:54:47


Using Dial-Up internet to play A Massive online game which uses lots of internet usage and Computer memory, isn’t really ideal.

You Should try re-installing you’re java.

And try play runescape using Runescape Client, which can be found in the downloads section of this website.

I Strongly, reccomend that you consider switching to broadband as you’re gaming experience will be much faster, better and more reliable.

Lazerzap1 Edit 07-May-2009 18:02:38

Last edited on 07-May-2009 18:07:25 by Lazerzap1

Ty for the reply Sam…

StartEdit: On all 3 xp boxes: I have the Runescape Client, Java is working fine. EndEdit:

But my method of accessing the net shouldn’t be the issue if Jagex really were Java programmers of excellence…

I agree.. Broadband would be nice.. (I had ADSL before I moved to this remote location)

But BROADBAND is NOT an option here.

The problem is with Jagex’s method of delivery I’m afraid.. Making it go faster may ‘hide’ the issue for awhile longer. But eventually the ‘issue’ may even affect Broadband users if Jagex fail to rectify the problem.

I could be completely wrong in my determination of the cause and effect.

An official Jagex comment would lay these ‘assumptions’ to rest perhaps??

Lazerzap1 Edit 07-May-2009 18:23:42


I been thinking on how to get around this problem…

(This may help other people..)

I suppose I could try to connect the external modem to my main XP box. Rather than go thru the linux machine. But it never was a problem before. In fact I thought everything worked better thru the linux box.. Hmmmm..

I could keep some data credit (sigh) on my mobile phone. Use the mobile phones built in modem to provide the internet to my XP box. (I’ve done this before..)

Just to get the Jagex updates??

Hmmmm.. How bad do we want to play Runescape?.. This is getting expensive now..

Mod Jod Jagex Mod 07-May-2009 18:48:47

Hi there Lazerzap1,

I am sorry to hear about these problems.

As someone said above, I would not recommend to use Dial up to play Runescape. With all the different objects and player data etc that need to load, a slow connection is bound to have an effect on the game experience.

Even if you do need to play on Dial up some suggestions to speed your connection up would be to make sure that you are not running any internet demanding applications in the background whilst playing Runescape as these will take up bandwidth. If there are other people in the household doing similar tasks this too will have an effect on your connection speed.

I hope these suggestions will help you.

Mod Jod

Lazerzap1 Edit 07-May-2009 18:49:11

Well… I keep trying to load it..

and it keeps failing…

weird.. I see some linux people complaining about the latest update too…

I dont live on the Runescape forums.. To be quite honest.. I find the Runescape forums to be frustrating.

So.. Im gonna go and do something else.. (Play something else..)

I will check back here from time to time to see if there is a Jagex comment or solution.

All of our subscriptions only had a few days left anyway..

I think there is a lesson there.. Im glad I didnt subscribe for longer than 1 month at a time.

Lazerzap1 Edit 07-May-2009 18:53:32

Last edited on 07-May-2009 19:01:04 by Lazerzap1

ty for the reply Mod Jod..

Yes.. I understand what your saying..

I have made sure that the xp system that is loading Runescape has minimal internet and cpu demand..

Without noticable change..

At the moment it’s 3.21am and the rest of the fasmily are asleep.. So only 1 XP box turned on..

I am a complete nerd. So I have tried pretty well everything that I can think of…

Edit.. Just so you know..

My dialup isnt even real dialup. I connect to a RIM telephone exchange in rural Australia. The maximum connection I can acheive is 31.2 kbps (a little over half of a 56k dialup connection)

But.. We have (until now) been operating Runescape (and a lot of other stuff) without issue..

However… The loading has always been flakey… and it has been getting slowly worse…

This last upgrade broke the camels back..

Now.. I run an apache server thru my linux box. It serves 9 domains. I dont have issue with that at all! So how come my dialup connection is at fault when trying to load Runescape?

Sorry to be blunt.. But maybe this issue needs some real attention??

Lazerzap1 Edit 07-May-2009 19:25:04

Well.. It’s totally frustrating to just keep trying the same thing over and over…

So I guess I will turn on the dynamic dns updater so my domains start serving again..

do a ‘service httpd start’ on the linux box..

and blog how Runescape has become so flakey that we cant load it..

Yeah.. I know.. “PREASURE!”.. The internet is ‘all’ word of mouth…

If I get a lot of ‘Comments’ on my posting.. I guess it will be safe to assume that I’m not the only one with this issue..

I think that will give a more accurate ‘picture’ of whats happening to people rather than a forum that ‘scrolls’ off the issues so that people have to re-create the same thread over and over..

I say this because I know there is a good chance that my ‘thread’ and ‘posting’ could just dissapear from the Jagex forums.

Yeah.. Im a long term player.. I’ve been here before.. I know how I will be ignored..

It’s a shame to spend so much time on a game where the people who support the game would rather you just quit than get off their bums to fix a problem.

Basic customer service thru a forum? So I can get told over and over to get BROADBAND from all the wannabe knowitalls?

Bah and Humbug! Fix your loader Jagex!

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