MEXICO CITY (AFP) — The worldwide death toll for swine flu was creeping up to triple digits on Monday with new deaths in North America, while a clutch of new cases emerged in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

According to the latest United Nations’ World Health Organisation tally, 12,515 people have been infected with A(H1N1) across 46 countries, including 91 deaths.

The figure represents a rise of 493 cases on the previous WHO total and included five new deaths in Mexico, the epicenter of the outbreak, but did not include the newest three Mexico deaths, one more fatality in Canada and two more deaths in the United States, bringing the global toll to 97.

Mexico’s Health Ministry on Monday confirmed a rise in the country’s flu deaths to 83, with more than 4,458 confirmed infections from the virus.


ALISON CALDWELL: In South Australia and Victoria there are cases of people who have contracted the disease with no known contact to people who have recently travelled overseas.

The Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon says more cases are expected to appear in the days ahead.

NICOLA ROXON: We do have a growing number of cases with no known contact to those who have travelled overseas. We do have another 40 people that are currently being tested today but these numbers are going to keep growing obviously. There are now 43 countries across the world who have swine flu and more than 12,000 cases worldwide.


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