I had to go into Millicent today. (Edit: Written 30th)

About 8 kilometers from Clovelly toward Millicent via the Princess Highway. There is a (locally) known blindspot. Kangaroo Inn/Beachport Rd intersection.

As we got nearer to this intersection. I could see that there was something severely wrong.

There was a buildup of vehicles around the intersection. I thought I could see a truck on it’s side as I approached.

The intersection was littered with accident damage. People were picking things up from the road to clear it. I pulled over to help.

There was a Caravan on it’s side just off the intersection. It was still connected to a (now) very written off 1998 Ford.


Although the accident had obviously been a hard hit. No one appeared to be injured.

Everywhere was evidence of a shattered dream. The contents of the Caravan and Car were smashed and broken.


Their ‘adventure’ bought to a sudden tragic end. Their possessions all broken.


A (locally) known motorist blindspot due to a huge ‘drain’ that runs parallel to Kangaroo Inn/Beachport Rd.

Basically a huge amount of soil was removed during initial construction of the drain. This ‘soil’ was just left alongside the freshly excavated drain.

This excavated soil blocks the view of motorists who approach the intersection from all directions.


Yes… It’s a big big drain..

It looks to me like it has been a traffic hazard since the drains creation.

I can only wonder at how many traffic accidents have occurred at this location since the drain was conceived.

The contractors who didn’t level the land surface after construction of the drain would seem to be obviously at fault.

Most likely they didn’t have sufficient funding to achieve such an ambition.

Pointing the finger at who was responsible is not my task.

But I’d really like to see the surface around the drain levelled so that motorists can again safely travel through the area.

For a lack of funding. Peoples lives are put at risk.

This intersection should be a number 1 priority to fix, before other lives are affected.

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