Since 2005 I have been an unemployed single parent in receipt of Federal Government benefits.

I am the sole carer for my two teenage children.

Because of this, I have had to deal with a changing Social Security system that has placed enourmous financial stress on myself and my family.

The Centrelink system and my ‘preocupation’ with keeping the wolf from the door has demanded that I contact Centrelink 2-3 days prior to my benefit being deposited.

In that way, If my benefit has been compromised, I may be able to get it re-instated without missing my normal payday.

I normally only come to Millicent once a week and always on a Wednesday.

It is at that time that I pickup my mail. It is then that I sometimes discover that I have been cut off Centrelink payments.

This proceedure of being cut off and having to wait for payment, is highly stressful to myself.

I have pointed out to Centrelink that rural customers should have their responses to Centrelink requests delayed in accordance to their remoteness.

To no avail.

On the 23rd I contacted Centrelink to enquire into this weeks payment.

I was informed that $450 (less my standard centrepay bill payments) would be in my bank tomorrow. The 24th.

On the 24th July 2009 just before 4pm I attended the Commonwealth Bank, George Street Millicent.

I accessed the instant teller machine and to my dismay there was only $408 available.

So I entered the bank with my stress level running on normal. (that is very high)

I demanded to know what had happened to my account.

The staff explained that they couldn’t access the transaction record of my account for some days.

But this infuriated me to the point that I stormed off to the Commonwealth Bank Customer Service Telephone that is available to customers on the wall of the bank.

I am an idealist. I believe that for every problem is a solution.

Previously I worked for InterTan Australia (Tandy Electronics) as a manager (7 years), Computer Support Officer, (2 years) and finally Customer Service Officer (2 years)

As a result, although I know how to control my emotions. I dislike dealing with companies that only provide inferior Customer Service.

I find it difficult not to point out how certain monopolistic organisations, Like Banks and Communications Companies continue to fail their customers.

I specialise in using controlled anger to drive my point home to uncooperative staff members.

On the day in question, I do not consider that I acted any differently than I normally would under similar stressful conflicting conditions.

Being an idealist normally doesnt win me any friends. However I always feel compelled to point out obvious flaws in the various systems As I see them.

While I was on the phone to the Commonwealth Customer Service Unit. The police attended the Commonwealth Bank.

The next thing I know. They grab me and drag me away from the phone. I am speaking to a Commonwealth Customer Service Representative at the time and tell him I am being assulted by the police.

I have no idea why I am being treated this way. Initially I think they have made a terrible mistake.

From there I am pushed and jostled out the door of the Commonwealth Bank and pushed towards the ANZ bank.

I am trying to ask the two police officers why I am being treated like this. They tell me that the staff at the Commonwealth Bank called them.

I find that hard to believe. But the police continue to jostle me away from the Commonwealth Bank.

I am abusive of the treatment I am receiving from the police.

One of the policemen gives me a particularly hard push and I end up on my back lying on the ground.

It’s at that point that I started yelling and swearing at the police. Calling them Pigs and standing up.

Thats when I am pushed to the ground again. (Face first this time) and handcuffs are placed on my wrists so that I am in extreme agony.

The police officers get me up and while controlling me via the handcuffs (digging in) proceed to direct me towards the police station.

I ask them if I am under arrest.

They tell me that I am.

I have no idea of the charge at this point. Nor do they inform me of my rights. They push me into the Police Station at Millicent. They take my possesions and shoes from me. I have a very brief interview with the desk sargent. I inform his that his officers are breaking the law. That If I was so abusive in the Commonwealth Bank how come the Customer Support Unit on their internal phone were ok to talk to me? He has no sympathy for me. I also inform the desk sargent that I must return home as my children will be alone and worried at my delay. No one hears my plea. I am then placed into one of the Millicent cells.

Still with the extremely tight handcuffs on.

I get really angry. In my opinion the police have created this problem for me.

They leave me in the cells for some time.

During that period. I initially am very angry. Kicking the metal cell door with my socks while singing a ditty that casts aspersions on the relative merits of being a member of the police force.

I sing about two choruses and realize that I am having an anxiety attack.

So I try to calm. It occurs to me that Im in a bad situation here. No one knows where I am. The police officers have acted totally unreasonably. It just makes my anxiety attack worse.

Thankfully the handcuffs are still causing me so much pain that the anxiety attack takes second place as I get angry again that the police are subjecting me to what amounts to torture.

So I try to press the intercom button to get someone to release the handcuffs.

An extremely painful proceedure with your arms handcuffed behind your back.

I have two or three attempts to get someone to respond over the intercom. I plead to an unresponsive machine for the handcuffs to be loosened. But I am unsuccessful.

After some time. The desk sargent with the two offending police officers opens the cell door and asks me if I am ready to calm down yet.

Again I attempt to receive some justice at the hands of these police. Denying that I had been “out of control” in the bank and therefore this was an unjustified arrest.

They closed the cell door and left me there. Still with the despised handcuffs on.

After I had been in the cell for aproximately 80 minutes. The sargent and his two cronies appear. I am taken to a police utility that has no restraints, heating or accident padding and pushed into the back. Still in handcuffs.

I am told they are transporting me to Mt Gambier.

To be honest. I am starting to fear for my ultimate safety in the hands of these two police officers. I am wondering if I will make it to Mt Gambier.

In the back of the Ute getting bumped around the handcuffs started to really dig in.

I screamed to the two policeman to release the handcuffs. I told them to leave them on. Just loosen them.

The two police officers completely ignored my pleas.

This happened twice during the trip to Mt Gambier.

Finally I arrive at Mt Gambier police station.

I beg the desk sargent at Mt Gambier to loosen the handcuffs. She refuses and tells me I have to calm down before the handcuffs will be released.

I was told that If I didnt fully calm down and totally comply with their requents they wouldn’t give me a lift back to Millicent.

So I stand there in pain waiting. After awhile the police decide that they will fingerprint me and do a DNA test on me. In my opinion my fingerprints and DNA samples were obtained illegally.

However to obtain fingerprints the despicable handcuffs are finally removed.

After that they decide to “process me” I am told that I have been arrested for disorderly behavious and resist arrest.

I am told that the staff at the commonwealth bank called the police because they were “too scared to approach me and ask me to leave the bank” (It was after 4pm at this point)

I am told I am to be placed on bail. I am told I will have to appear in Court.

Three Officers now decide to hold me violently against the desk sargents desk. The police officer that initially threw me down and arrested me is being particularly cruel. Pushing very hard against my right kidney.

My hands and wrists are bleeding where the handcuffs have been digging in. My right wrist is particularly bruised. (Aproximately a 4 inch bruise)

The back of my shoulders are bruised and sore from the initial push to the ground. My left shoulder at the front is swolen and scraped, my chin is cut graised and bleeding, my left hip has bruises, My arms have bruises, my kidneys are sore.

I turn to face him at three times while they held me against the desk. (Im getting even angryier after looking at my wrists) He told me to turn back to face the desk sargent. He proceeded to shove against my kidney because I didnt want to comply with his request that I only look at the desk sargent. I told him I wanted to remember his face. He took that to mean that I was threatening him. I corrected his mistake by informing him that I was a promice not a threat that he would be reported for his actions.

Finally after reading out the bail conditions the desk sargent at Mt Gambier wants me to sign the forms. But I do not have my glasses on anymore? Seems I have misplaced them. (Later found in my car) So I am unable to read what I am signing.

Whatever I signed. I did not get a copy of it.

I had to give them my signature on three documents.

I am given my possessions back. So I am able to wear shoes again.

They place me back into the Ute with no seatbelts, heating or accident padding and transport me back to Millicent.

On arrival in Millicent. They let me out of the back of the Ute. Blah Blahed me about the bail conditions. Making sure that I understood the bail conditions. They finished being “good cops” I walked off in complete disgust. They drove off immediately.

When I tried to put petrol in my car to return home. I discovered that my Commonwealth Keycard was missing from my personal effects. So I had to find my way home without funds.

The next day, after speaking with the Commonwealth Bank Head Office about the preceding days events. The Commonwealth Bank Millicent was contacted by them and my missing Keycard was located in their possession.

The police had dragged me out so quickly that I was unable to retrieve my Keycard from the bank staff.

The Staff at the Commonwealth Bank appologised to me the next day for the unexpected heavy handedness of the police the day before.

Due to my bail conditions and not trusting my ability to respond without malice I refused to comment more than a few words.

I am far from impressed with this token appology.

Since this attack. My nerves are shot. My whole body shakes as I struggle to regain my normal composure. I am sore from the numerous injuries. I feel betrayed by the police and the whole system.

The “First” Officer is 72696 The “Second” Officer is 39592

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I have no idea of the identity of the desk sargent in Millicent or Mt Gambier.

Neither of wich thought it nessary to intervene in the treatment I was obviously being subjected to.

This Document may be viewed at

a copy was sent to the Police Complaints Athority (now) via email to

I suggest strongly that the police officers employement is terminated ASAP

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