I met Iceyman12345 today. I was logged in under my Pk Extremo account. Holdengirl30 and I were fighting Level 53 Trolls near Yanille.

I was wearing my full sacred clay combat armour. Complete with clay sword.

Iceyman12345 was ranging the Trolls.

We had a short but nice conversation and I added him to my contact list.

Holdengirl30 and I spent some time there training.

Next thing Duster241 turned up dressed in Magic Gear.


Using an AIR spell. Duster241 blasted them for awhile. I just stood there trying to get a decent image.

I notice Duster241 had a clay mage hat to double the magic exp.

RuneScape is a nice diversion from the complexity of life.

A diversion that takes a considerable amount of time. (not to mention mouse clicks) to ‘Master’.

It takes so long to train a skill to Level 99. It shows a true determination of will to achieve any Level 99 skill.

I originally trained Pk Extremo as a Defence 1 ‘Pk’ (Player Killer) account. Currently Defence level is 51.

I only play the Pk Extremo account when I am bored with my main account. (Lazerzap1)

The Pk Extremo account was originally created sometime during 2007. Here is Pk Extremo’s ‘stats’ after only 12 days of Membership.

http://lazerzap.com/graphics/pkextremohighscores.jpg http://lazerzap.com/graphics/pkextremolevels.jpg http://lazerzap.com/graphics/pkextremolevels1.jpg

Something perhaps a person with less willpower and/or determination would certainly give up on quickly.

I guess the RuneScape Highscores are ‘littered’ with accounts that have ‘given up’ on RuneScape long ago.

Its also ‘littered’ with a lots of people with *‘way too much time on their hands’* able to achieve many Level 99 skills?

Checkout the top 21 current highest scorers.


And whatever happened to Zezima? (I hear some of you ask..) Well, Zezima currently sits at Position 263 on the Runescape highscores.


What happened to Zezima? (I guess he/she found somthing more interesting to do?) The only thing that currently lets down the Zezima account is the Summoning level. Once that is at 99 the account will be fully maxed out.


How many hours does it take to fully max out an account?

To each their own I guess. I know I have clocked up some time on RuneScape.

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