How to "Follow the Law"

Well… This day was taken up with the frustrations of trying to obtain information from the Police.

I don’t have much contact with the Police. I tend to keep myself out of trouble as much as I can.

At 52 years of age, revenue raised through traffic violations has been my main contact with Police.

However due to the events. See: 2009-06-25 Police.

I now find that I need to access Police information.

What are the rules of handcuffing?

I am trying to locate the guidelines or protocol or rules that the Police in South Australia must follow when inflicting handcuffs on a member of the public.

No Help anywhere

So far I have been totally unsuccessful in obtaining this information.

Here is a list of ‘who I contacted’ and ‘what they said’.

Called: Police Complaints Authority (PCA)

  • 2009-07-08 10.50am
  • (08) 8226 8677
  • Police Complaints Authority
  • Receptionist

Contacted Police Complaints Authority to again ask for a copy of the Handcuff protocol. They suggested that I contact a Police Station for this information. I explained that I already had. That I had come to the Police Complaints Authority because I was having no luck obtaining this information from the Police Stations that I had already approached. (Adelaide, Millicent, Mt Gambier)

Result: Receptionist (with a bored ‘I dont care/You got nothing’ attitude) said to contact a police station for this information. I became angry with this nonsense ‘round in circles’ attitude directed toward the public. So I told the receptionist that I would contact the Police Minister. She invited me to do so. I asked what the number is? She said she didnt have it. Of course this made me even more angry that the Police Complaints Authority wouldn’t provide the phone number of the person who is ultimately responsible for the Police organisation that they themselves claim to Police.

Called: Michael Wright: Police Minister: SA Govt

So I hung up. Left some time to cool down. Called Parliament House in Adelaide on (08) 8237 9100 and found out that the Police Minister is Michael Wright.


See Also:

  • 2009-07-08 11.00am
  • Police Minister
  • Receptionist

Contacted Michael Wright’s Office. Asked for the Handcuff protocol information. Asked why am I given the run around by Police and Police Complaints Authority over this issue?

Result: Receptionist said someone would call me back. Took number. Spelled my Name back to me.

Called: PCA (Again!)

  • 2009-07-08 11.50am
  • Police Complaints Authority
  • Receptionist

Contacted Police Complaints Authority to again ask for a copy of the Handcuff protocol. I suggested that they must have an unworkable situation if the Authority responsible for investigating the Police do not have a copy of the Police guidelines. Then how do they become aware of the Police that break the rules/guidelines? (In other words.. ‘How do they do their job?’)

Result: Receptionist (with a bored ‘I dont care/You got nothing’ attitude) said that they contact the Police and obtain rules or guidlines from the Police, as the Authority needs them. I was told that the Authority does NOT have a copy of any Police guidelines or Rules. (I totally could smell the ROT by this stage)

Called: Michael Wright's Office (Again)

Initially very angry after this conversation. I calmed down and began to realise how futile the situation really is. I became rapidly depressed and so with a sinking feeling in my stomach, I again contacted the Police Minister.

  • 2009-07-08 12.04pm
  • Police Minister
  • Receptionist

Informed receptionist what Police Complaints Authority attitude toward the public is. Again asked if I could speak to someone about this situation. Told receptionist that my perception of the situation was that I must be missing the secret handshake. Because, In my opinion, I dont seem to be a member of the club. Receptionist seemed sympathetic to my glum resolve and promiced to get someone to contact me. I was told that she would make it her priority to get someone to call me back.

Result: Receptionist said someone would call me back. Took number. Spelled my Name back to me.

Called: Michael Wrights Office (Again!!)

  • 2009-07-08 4.15pm
  • Police Minister
  • Receptionist

Informed receptionist that no-one had called me back after numerous calls. Apologetic receptionist tells me that the woman responsible is not currently in her office. Asks if I would like to leave a message. (sigh)

Result: Still no information about the Police Handcuff Protocol.

Called: Legal Services Commission

  • 2009-07-08 4.30pm
  • Legal Services Commission
  • Free Help Service

Informed free soliciter about problems I am having obtaining information from Police. Strangely enough this is the one person that I have spoken to all day. Who doesn’t treat me like I am speaking a foreign language. Seems everyone! (even soliciters) have trouble obtaining simple information about Police proceedure.

Result: Anger at a system of corruption that allows this to happen.


You know we are all responsible for letting the RICH make the LAWS that govern us.

Isn’t it about time the system was fixed? (Brainwave: Twitter)

Time to ACT!

So what are YOU gonna do about it? (I am TRYING to do the best I can…)

I think the POLITICIANS who control the POLICE are unjust and unfair.

Perhaps send the above text.. With some of your own comments thrown in for good measure to:

Complain like never before

If enough people say:


They must begin to fix the issues and so eventually we will have a decent governing system.

All I can currently see is a system that ignores the obvious corruptions.

The Police Complaints Authority does not assist the public with complaints against police. They take the complaint and make a decision (very quickly in the negative) without futher corespondance. (They got 2009-06-25 Police emailed to them) So the case is now closed according to them! (I have a written reply dated 2nd July) They await the outcome of the court proceedings against me.

What else can we do?

That of course sets me to write this.

Because thats my only recourse. I know I will have to plead guilty to both charges on the 22nd. Because I simply dont have the ability to defend myself without financial assets.

So.. Nothing changes.. Because I rolled over… shrug

Would I change anything by dragging the result through endless court cases?

No. So all I can do really is EXPOSE them via twitter.

There is corruption in Politics too? (stop smiling.. its actually quite sad).. Otherwise Wichael Wright’s Office would have taken my complaints more seriously?

What do you think?

Voting Link: How Corrupt do you think the Police are?

You can always reply here at

Test the truth yourself

Try asking your Police for a Handcuff protocol or procedure or guidelines and you too will see the corruption in your state/district/country.

Legal Services Commission (South Australia)

See Also: Courts

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